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As a family we don’t really take supplements of vitamins or minerals as we try to eat a healthy balanced diet, with as much fruit and vegetables as possible and we also try to spend a good chunk of our time outside – getting fresh air and sunshine.

But, the one thing that we don’t eat much of at home is fish. Dave doesn’t really like fish and so it makes having fish for a family meal more difficult – so the closest we get to fish is fish fingers! But, I’m well aware that fish is an important part of our diet with fish oils being rich in Omega 3, something that is so important for brain development and helps to keep blood pressure lower. It’s also been shown that Omega 3 can help aid concentration and learning in children.

Review: Bare Biology Pure Omega 3 Fish Oil - for Adults and Kids!

Because of this, a few weeks ago we started taking Omega 3 Fish Oil supplements from Bare Biology. They have a whole range to make sure the whole family get exactly what they need. Dave and I have been taking the Lion Heart capsules each day and they are so easy to fit into our routine, easy to swallow and tasteless.

I was expecting the capsules to taste fishy or to leave an oily feeling but they don’t at all. I had the same worries about the children’s Super Hero Pure Omega 3 Fish Oil liquid but even that doesn’t taste of anything and the children would happily take it – expecting it to be flavoured like typical sweet medicine and surprised, but happy, at the lack of flavour.

Review: Bare Biology Pure Omega 3 Fish Oil - for Adults and Kids!

The Super Hero bottle contains 100 servings – needing just 1ml a day – and so it will last LP and Little Man nearly two months. I’m impressed that so little can make such a difference and I’m looking forward to seeing whether we notice the difference when they’re back at school in September.

Dave and I have enough capsules in our Lion Heart tub to last us two months between us as well so it’s nice to know we won’t be buying supplements every week – they really do last.

Review: Bare Biology Pure Omega 3 Fish Oil - for Adults and Kids!

I’m now converted to enhancing our diet with supplements like this that fill a gap in our normal eating routine. We just don’t eat the foods that we need to get Omega 3 and so Bare Biology fills that gap in our diet – for us and the children.

Bare Biology Lion Heart has an RRP starting at £28.50 and Super Hero has an RRP starting at £29.50 with discounts when you buy a bigger supply. Bare Biology have also given me a code to share – use Redhead15 at the checkout for 15% off!

Review: Bare Biology Pure Omega 3 Fish Oil - for Adults and Kids!


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