Proud Parent Moments

There are times as a parent that you feel a bit detached from the things your children are doing – you don’t see what they are doing at nursery or school every day and so you don’t know how they behave, how much they are learning or how they interact with other children, you can only hope that they are the same, or better, than they are at home and getting on as well as they can.

LP isn’t the most confident of children – she takes a while to settle in to a new situation and is usually really shy around new people, needing encouragement to come out of her shell and relax a little. I knew she was starting to learn the other children’s names, that they knew her name and that she played lots of different things when she was at nursery but it was a surprise when last week we had a note in her school bag to say that our little LP was Star of the Week and would be receiving a certificate in assembly the following week!

Proud Parent Moments

So after dropping her off I went to the school hall and took a seat for assembly, my first experience of an assembly since I was school nearly 15 years ago. All the classes filtered into the hall and LP was at the start of her line. She looked so little but I loved that she followed the teacher, sat where she was told and watched everything going on throughout without any fuss.

The assembly was full of songs, Birthdays, announcements and then the stars of the week. LP stood up to get her certificate with a little encouragement from the teacher and the head teacher gave her the certificate and said she was receiving it for having a passion for learning and making lots of new friends. Such a proud moment! The head asked LP who her new friends were and she proudly announced ‘School peoples!’.

On top of this, LP has been having swimming lessons and although she has now started to enjoy it more and not cry through the lesson I wasn’t sure whether she was actually learning anything so when we went to her last lesson and she was given a Grade 2 badge and certificate I couldn’t have been prouder – she’s got further in swimming lessons that I ever did! I just hope she continues to enjoy it and one day learns to swim unaided.

Proud Parent Moments

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  1. Aww how lovely! You must be so so proud! I was a quivering mess when my little Ethan received his first award for ‘coming out of his shell’ at toddlers club on holiday this year! :)x


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