Our Christmas Eve Box {2018}

One of our many Christmas traditions is a Christmas Eve Box and it’s something the children have come to know and love and something I really enjoy putting together. It’s really not anything too big and exciting but it’s something that means a lot.

We have a personalised Christmas Eve crate that we bought last year and a personalised plate that we fill with goodies and leave out for Father Christmas each year. Along with that the children get a new pair of pyjamas each year, sometimes festive ones and sometimes normal ones depending on how we feel.

Our Christmas Eve Box {2018}

Other than that we always get a new Christmas movie and often a festive book which then get brought out year after year. We have so many Christmas movies and books now and they are a really big part of our Christmas.

I also buy activities for the children to do on Christmas Eve and we have a little tradition that we’ll go out in the morning to the cinema and then we might go ice skating too before we come home, relax and have a whole afternoon of festive-ness together. So this year the children have a chocolate sleigh to build – a treat and an activity in one – festive activity books and a little Lego bauble set each.

Our Christmas Eve box always includes sweet treats too so as well as the chocolate sleigh the children will have a festive cookie each and probably hot chocolate too – although LP has decided recently that she doesn’t like hot chocolate. I have no idea whose child she is…

Our Christmas Eve Box {2018}

At the end of our Christmas Eve we’ll put our Father Christmas plate on the fireplace, add a mince pie, carrot and glass of milk, and then put our magic key by the front door. Right before bed the children will run outside and sprinkle magic reindeer food around the garden, making sure everything is ready for the most important night of the year.

Our Christmas Eve Box {2018}

Once the children in bed Father Christmas will come – and this year he’s leaving the children beautiful personalised sacks that we were sent from Harrow & Green. I can’t wait for the children to see them. 

What Christmas Eve traditions do you have?

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