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Improving your kitchen is a constant, on-going project. There are a million ways to make your kitchen more unique and convenient. It doesn’t matter if you are an average cook or a professional, making a top-notch meal takes a lot of work. While most meals can be prepared with a knife and pan, there are always ways to make the process easier and more enjoyable. Here are some awesome gadgets for your kitchen that make will the cooking process go a lot smoother.

Vegetable Chopper

Chop your veggies with precision and avoid tears when cutting onions. A high-quality veggie chopper will save you a lot time and effort when preparing a meal. One of the key benefits to having a vegetable chopper is you can choose the consistency of you ingredients. Based on the number of times you chop, you can have big chunks of vegetables or a puree. This little gadget will make your life easier and cut down on prep time.

The Nifty Gadgets Your Kitchen Needs

Spacious Cutting Board

When preparing a meal, think of your cutting board as a work bench. Having a high-quality, spacious cutting board in your kitchen will give you the room you need to make your cooking operation as stress-free as possible. Check out Sur La Table to find the perfect cutting board to compliment your kitchen.

Corn Kerneler

Everyone loves to eat corn on the cob in the summer. It’s a delicious and nutritious vegetable that makes for a perfect side item to supplement any meal. The biggest flaw corn has is the fact you always need to have floss handy if you eat it off the cob. The Corn Kerneler is a nifty gadget that avoids the uncomfortable feeling of having food stuck in your teeth. Simply place the tool at the top of the cob and twist to end up with a nice pile of corn that’s easy to eat!

Pasta Box Topper

Spaghetti is a super easy meal to make. However, accidentally cooking too many noodles is an annoyingly common mistake—it always looks like way less when it’s uncooked. The pasta box topper ensures you never boil too much and end up with bad ratio. This gadget measures the perfect amount of pasta every time and will make a great addition to your culinary arsenal.

Go Wireless

Nothing makes solo time spent cooking in the kitchen more enjoyable than your favourite tunes. Check out Touch of Modern and their endless variety of Bluetooth audio options that will let you listen to your favourite music at CD quality while working away. Cords don’t belong in a kitchen and Bluetooth devices will ensure you can conveniently jam out to your favourite tunes while cooking up a tasty meal.

Spice Rack

Spices are a must-have for giving your meals that extra zing. Over time, your spice collection will add up and your arsenal will inevitable become less and less organised. Pick yourself up a quality spice rack and avoid having to dig through a pile of jars to find that one spice you need to turn your dish from bland to extravagant.

The Triple Divided Skillet

The part of cooking that everyone hates? Cleanup. The key to making the cleanup less painful is using as few dishes as possible. The Triple Divided Skillet will cut down on pan usage and save you time scrubbing. This gadget lets you heat your food separately to avoid mixing flavours while exercising portion control. Spend more time eating and less time washing dishes—that’s something we can all get behind.

Reusable Pan Scrubbers

A dirty scrubbing tool will only make your hands smell and leave you wondering if your dishes are actually clean. Reusable pan scrubbers can be thrown in the laundry when they get dirty and will prevent you from having to buy new sponges all the time. Keep the scrubbing tools clean to unsure your dishes are always safe to use.

Upgrading your kitchen is a never-ending task. Use these tips to help make it more unique and save yourself some prep time!

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