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As a parent I am constantly labelling things. I thought it would just be school uniform but over the last few years we’ve had to label so many other things too – bags, drinks cups, lunch boxes and soon it will be pencil cases and other belongings.

Name Me have created an ingenious solution to labelling possessions that looks great and is so practical too. They sent LP and Little Man a personalised set of their tags each and we started using them straight away.

Name Me - An Innovation in Labelling

The tags come in a range of bright colours and can be personalised with any name or even words – if something was vegetarian/vegan, dairy free etc. The labels have a wide range of uses and styles to make labelling pretty much anything a breeze.

LP and Little Man loved that we could pop a tag over the neck of a water bottle to instantly make it theirs. They loved how fun the labels looked and how clear their name was to read – not rubbing off or peeling like marker pens or stickers.

Name Me - An Innovation in Labelling

There were also tags to go around drinks bottles or containers, leaving their name on the top or side. These are perfect for labelling their school drinks bottles but would also work well on lunch boxes or sturdy pencil cases.

Name Me - An Innovation in Labelling
Name Me - An Innovation in Labelling

There were also tags that could easily label their school book bags, rucksacks or even coats and they could be threaded through a zip or round a strap but could also be attached to a keyring, making a really versatile way of naming a child’s belongings.

Name Me - An Innovation in Labelling
Name Me - An Innovation in Labelling

Name Me could really revolutionise how you label belongings or also things around the house. They are hard wearing although feel quite flimsy they have stood up to a lot of tugging and stretching since we started using them – and the children love them.


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  1. I think the tags to go around drinks bottles are the most useful as I find it hard to find name labels that stay on drinks bottles.

  2. I really like the Personalised Hug Multi Purpose Label. It looks great to put round school bottles as pen or labels wash off

  3. I am going to say the bottle tag – my 8 year old came home from school last week saying
    ‘Mum, did you give me a full bottle of juice in my packed lunch or half?’
    ‘Erm….Full Hallie’
    ‘Did you give me a Happy Hippo in my Lunchbox?’
    ‘Yes Hal, Why?’
    ‘Well when I went to get my dinner my Happy Hippo had been eaten and the wrapper put back and half my drink was gone – I feel like Goldilocks!’

    Spoke to the teacher and she said ‘Maybe someone has the same box and bottle’ – the bottle was custom made so it cant have been mistaken but I think with one of these on all the kids there would be defo no issues – fab product 🙂

  4. The bottle labels would be the most product because every time I write my daughters name on her water bottle it gets washed off in a couple of days.

  5. The water bottle label as my children have to have school bottles (which all look the blooming same) and the marker washes off quickly xx

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