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If there’s one thing we love as a family it’s holidaying together. We love having the quality time that travel brings and we always end up talking about holidays for months after we return. We also take so many photos each time we go away – some of which end up on the pages of this blog but, other than that, we don’t really look at the photos again and a few months down the line each holiday feels like such a distant memory.

But, this summer I’m working with Snapfish to help relish those holiday memories for a while longer, to preserve them and keep them alive for as long as possible. I know that many people will print holiday photos, make photobooks and put holiday prints on the wall. But, even then, do we really look at those photos enough to really feel like we’re back on that beach in the sun?

Keeping Holiday Memories Alive with Snapfish

Instead of typical prints and wall art I realised that there were other ways to bring our holidays to the forefront of our minds and the first thing I did was create a beautiful beach towel with holiday pictures from last year. It was so easy to do by using the custom backgrounds on the Snapfish website and uploading images from my computer, Facebook, Instagram or Google Photos.

Keeping Holiday Memories Alive with Snapfish

The beach towel is so soft and something the children loved immediately. It’s personalised with our family name and has three photos – that Little Man recognised straight away, inspiring him to start talking about our time in Mallorca and Kos last summer.

Keeping Holiday Memories Alive with Snapfish

I love a good beach towel. We use them not just at the beach but by the pool and at splash parks, paddling through the summer and also as a blanket just laying on the grass. Beach towels are such a staple in family life and it’s lovely that each time we use our new towel we’ll be transported right back to those wonderful holidays in the sun.

Keeping Holiday Memories Alive with Snapfish

I also created a travel mug with a photo of the children sailing in Kos last summer. I remember standing at the bar, watching them in their sailing session, getting emotional at how grown up they were, how brave they were and what an incredible experience our holiday had given them.

Keeping Holiday Memories Alive with Snapfish

Now, every time I use my travel mug I am right back there, thinking of the children on their boats, tiny specs in the distance, living the holiday dream. The photo I used wasn’t overly personal – to anyone else it would just look like a picture of boats on the horizon. But to me that photo couldn’t be any more personal – and it has so much meaning behind it. It’s so lovely to have a constant memory of a really perfect summer, one that saw the children grow so much and learn so much too.

Keeping Holiday Memories Alive with Snapfish

My last creation was a travel inspired notebook to document our travel plans going forward. I added a quote to the front and one of my favourite photos of LP and Little Man from a holiday last year and it now has pride of place on my desk – ready to note any holiday inspiration as it comes to me.

Keeping Holiday Memories Alive with Snapfish

It’s so lovely to have constant reminders in everyday life of some of our favourite times together. I now have photos that I look at regularly, without even thinking about it, and every time I smile to myself and think about those long, sunny beach days, the ice creams, the sandcastles, the freckles and the sun tans. I can almost smell the sun cream, taste the sea and feel the sand between my toes.

So each year, as soon as we’re back from holiday, I’m going to create something to keep those holiday memories alive throughout the year. Whether it’s a mug, a towel, coasters or magnets on the fridge I know that each time I look at it I will be right back there – dreaming of our next vacation.

The lovely people at Snapfish have given me a code to pass on to readers to get 40% off your Snapfish orders. Just use code SUMMERFUN40 the checkout. Happy Shopping!

Keeping Holiday Memories Alive with Snapfish


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  1. That towel is wonderful! I have used snapfish before and absolutely love the quality of their prints and products! We have a lovely picture mug and often gift grandparents presents from Snapfish!

    Thanks for the code! I have plenty of pictures I would love to print currently!

  2. oh brilliant – I’ll be needing that discount code! thank you… need to get my act together and get some of these gazillion photos printed out – but whoever would have thought of printing onto a towel? Inspired! 🙂

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