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It will come as no surprise that as a family we use a lot of cleaning products. Our washing machine is always on – with one or two loads a day. We have a bathroom and downstairs toilet to clean, a kitchen to clean and so many windows and floors. We get through washing liquid and all purpose cleaner like there’s no tomorrow and, honestly, I have never really thought beyond what product is on promotion and the best value for money when making household purchases like this.

But, there is so much more to cleaning products than how well they work. Many are full of chemicals and dyes, additives to make the products look and smell more appealing. But a few months ago I was introduced to Seventh Generation. I had a bottle of their laundry detergent in a conference goodie bag and I was instantly intrigued by the cardboard packaging. Seventh Generation have pledged that by 2020 they will create no waste and make sure that everything they use is either biodegradable or recyclable – a massive promise but one they are really working towards keeping.

Introducing the Seventh Generation Cleaning Range

But, Seventh Generation aren’t just about the packaging. They have a whole range of products that are free of dyes and artificial brighteners and are all made with plant-based ingredients that are just as effective as other cleaning products.

Introducing the Seventh Generation Cleaning Range

It’s been so strange using clear cleaning products – not green washing up liquid or yellow floor cleaner. But, Seventh Generation has proved to me that cleaning products don’t need extra colours to work well. The Seventh Generation products clean as well as the previous brands we’ve used – and help the environment too. They are also fine for sensitive skin and don’t have any synthetic fragrances either. Some smell like lavender and blue eucalyptus but the others seem to be fragrance free – something I’m not used to with cleaning products but it shows that most of the fragrances are added and not really needed when it comes to cleaning.

Introducing the Seventh Generation Cleaning Range

With Seventh Generation we’ve been able to clean every aspect of our home – from clothes, to dishes, windows and floors. All the products have worked well and have been kind to our skin too, as well as leaving our clothes and bedding so incredibly soft.

Seventh Generation is available in Tesco


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  1. I would I’ve to try their laundry detergent, I have to use persil non bio as my partner and our children have sensitive skin and eczema xXx

  2. laundry detergent – this is the product that I use daily so I am looking forward to seeing if a greener product works as well πŸ™‚

  3. I’d most like to try Seventh Generation Natural Washing Liquid
    I’ve ultra sensitive skin & am always on the look out for products with that in mind

  4. Probably the Natural All-Purpose Cleaner!! I’m really excited about these products. I’m really into natural cleaning and Ecover is good, but these products sound even more natural!! So excited they’re at Tesco!! πŸ˜€

  5. I’d like to try the glass cleaner for a streak free shine. The one I’ve got at the moment leaves streaks!

  6. I’d love to try the toilet cleaner. I once read about the terrible effects chemical cleaning products have if they get into the environment so any natural solution would be amazing!

  7. I would like to try their streak free window cleaner as I am always struggling to get streak free windows, shower screens and shiny tiles, mind you I would love to try them all out and get a nice clean sparkling house ready for christmas

  8. I’d like to try the laundry detergent. My husband has sensitive skin and suffers from eczema flare-ups, and sometimes reacts to the non-bio detergent we currently use, so it would be useful to find an alternative.

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