The Perfect Gifts for 10 Year Olds Thanks to Wicked Uncle

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As the children are getting older I find it harder and harder to think of great gifts for them, especially when the whole family ask for gift ideas too. They always get things like Lego, books and new clothes but finding other things that are fun and exciting for them to open is getting more difficult.

So, with the internet awash with an overwhelmind amount of Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday deals and gift guides, I did the simple thing – and asked ten year old Little Man to give me ideas of what sort of things he and his ten year old friends would love.

We took to the Wicked Uncle website and he had a great time looking for things that he’d enjoy. The great thing about Wicked Uncle is you select a child’s age and gender and it suggests gifts that would be perfect for them. The gift ideas cover a really vast range of interests and offer so much more than the traditional card games, board games or video games. Little Man was so excited from the minute the website loaded!

The Perfect Gifts for 10 Year Olds Thanks to Wicked Uncle

Gifts for 10 year old boys

So what did Little Man choose as the best gifts for ten year old boys? Well, I was quite surprised! He ended up picking an LED baseball cap, LED gloves and a mini Pacman game. They were not things I would have picked for him but the minute I saw them I knew he’d made great choices.

The Perfect Gifts for 10 Year Olds Thanks to Wicked Uncle

The LED baseball cap has a light up strip around the edge. It cane either light up in a solid colour or have a flashing or moving light sequence. The cap looks great with the lights both on or off and is the sort of thing that can help any tween or teen be a bit more visible on darker evenings.

The Perfect Gifts for 10 Year Olds Thanks to Wicked Uncle

The LED gloves work in pretty much the same way, with the fingers lighting up in a rainbow of colours and with a choice of solid colours, flashing colours or a sequence. They are bright, bold and so much fun that little Man really loved them from the moment he first put them on.

The Perfect Gifts for 10 Year Olds Thanks to Wicked Uncle

Lastly, Little Man chose one of Wicked Uncle’s range of keyring video games. A simple Pacman game that can be played with and enjoyed on the go. With replaceable batteries and a keyring fastener, it can be attached to any bag to always have with you to fight off moments of boredom. 

The Perfect Gifts for 10 Year Olds Thanks to Wicked Uncle

More gift ideas for 10 year olds

As well as Little Man’s fantastic choices, Wicked Uncle also has many other gift ideas for all ages – and ten year old girls too. From construction toys and STEM kits that are perfect for kids who like educational fun.

There are creative art kits, room accessories, fidget toys and so many toys and games tailored to a kids age, meaning you can easily pick a gift that is age appropriate even if you have very little experience of children yourself.

There’s even things like outdoor toys, sweets and chocolate and books jam packed with facts for children who just love to learn something new. Wicked Uncle really has something for everyone and it’s such a fun shopping experience – Little Man loved it.

You can see more gift ideas for ten year olds here – or browse the full Wicked Uncle range here.


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