Cake and flowers

Today is my mother’s 60th Birthday. It’s a huge day in anyone’s life – a day when you can look back at your life, at everything you have achieved and a day when retirement is that much closer and where you finally get that orange card of pride – your free bus pass.

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2016 – The Best Year Yet

Me & Mine {November 2016}

Usually in life one year rolls into the next and there are pretty mammoth things that differentiate the years – a new home, an engagement, a wedding, a new baby, a big Birthday. But, the years in between tend to flow from one to the next without much setting them apart and making them a year you would remember.

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Today I am 32

A Week of Floor Selfies! #FloorSelfies

Do you ever look at life and wonder how you got here? Today I am 32 and it’s not an age I’m bothered about really, or even an age I really feel. I look at myself and my age as two completely unrelated things.

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LP’s Fifth Birthday Celebrations – Drayton Manor

Disclosure: We were invited on this day out for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

Two weeks ago LP turned five. I have no idea where those years have gone because, even now, it feels like she was born yesterday. She woke up the morning of her Birthday at 3am crying because she didn’t want to be five, that she wanted to be four forever – and I could understand that, four had been an incredible year for her.

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Today, LP is Five

Dear Little Pickle,

Well, here we are again. Another year and another letter to write. I know I say it every year but it feels like yesterday you were turning four, having a party in the back garden and getting so excited about having your face painted.

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Little Man’s 3rd Birthday Party

This week Little Man turned three and so last weekend we had a Birthday party for him in the garden. We have always been really lucky with the weather and it couldn’t have been more perfect on Sunday. The sun was shining, we hired a bouncy castle and we were looking forward to a relaxed day full of food, friends and good times.

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Planning LP’s 5th Birthday Party | AD

*This is a paid post

This year will be the first where LP has a proper Birthday party. Up until now we have done what we did for Little Man this year and have hired a bouncy castle, had a barbecue and squeezed as many people into our house and garden as possible. It has been perfect.

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Little Man – Happy Third Birthday

Dear Little Man

I have written to you and your sister every year since you were born and it’s now something I really look forward to, reading the last letter I wrote to you and taking time to appreciate how much you have grown, how far you have come and what an incredible little person you are turning into.

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A Summer of Adventures

Before the summer started I had in my head that it was the countdown to LP starting school, our last summer of the baby days. It gave me a burst of enthusiasm for doing as much as possible, for cramming in adventures and for taking the opportunity to meet up with people who we don’t get to see during term time.

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This Time Next Week

This time next week LP has her first day at school. She’s spending the morning and lunchtime in her new Reception class and we’ll pick her up after she’s eaten – the same on Thursday and then from Friday she’s at school full time.

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