Aloha Sun Cream Review

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It’s the time of year where everyone is buying sun cream products and it’s always so hard to decide which brand to go for. As a redhead who got burnt often as a child I am completely overprotective when it comes to the children and their sun exposure so much so that I tend to buy the most expensive brands of sun lotion – when they’re on promotion.

I also wear sun lotion to protect against premature ageing caused by the sun and protection against premature skin damage as well as safety protection against harmful uvb rays.

When I was given the opportunity to review the Aloha UltraLite sun cream range I was a little dubious. Could a sun protection lotion do the job for Dave, the kids and I, all for less than £3 a bottle at standard price? I have never known sun cream to be so cheap so I just had to try it.

Review: Aloha UltraLite Sun Cream
Aloha Sun Cream range

What is the Aloha Sun Cream range?

The sun care range comes in Aloha SPF 8, 15, 25 and 40 for kids. This gives a great selection of factors and means that the children, Dave and I all have our own factors of preference – Dave choosing lower ones and the kids and I always using the higher ones. Kids sun protection is just so important and part of our skin care regime we’ve had throughout their lives.

The Aloha sun protection applied really well to my skin, was easily absorbed and wasn’t a greasy lotion – two things I like to see in a sunscreen! It also smells really nice and works well – we re apply every couple of hours out of habit anyway but none of us got burnt at any point when wearing it – definitely the main thing! It’s also water resistant and the kids version is tinted slightly blue which makes application that bit easier.

Aloha UltraLite sun cream is available from Savers stores with an RRP from £2.99 and also has an aloe vera Aloha sun protection after sun gel in the range and spray versions too.

Aloha Sun Cream Review


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  1. My Wife and I use 30 and our children 50. Even when it’s not so hot in the UK it’s our morning ritual.

  2. I use cooking oil but my partner and our daughter are redheads and my little girl ( 21 year old ) uses full protection and stays white as white. love her.

  3. I never used to bother but have recently started using Retin A on my face and you have to use a sunblock if you go down this route. I tend to go for about 30, but the more the merrier as far as I’m concerned!

  4. I’m quite fair skinned and freckly so I tend to go for higher ones like 50 if it’s really hot, or 30 if it’s warm

  5. I use factor 30 now – i was using factor 50 but I have a really severe vitamin D deficiency so now I use a lower factor to try and reduce that along with supplements

  6. It depends on how long I am out and also where about, but usually I use factor 30. Its great to try new products though and I heard that aloha is a great brand.

  7. I tend to use factor 20. However if my husband sees any bit of sun and out comes the factor 50 every hr on the hr.

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