What are Blogger Networks?

I recently wrote about how I’ve made blogging my full time job and since then I’ve been asked a lot to expand on the blogging networks that I mentioned. Blogging Networks are great for any blogger – whether you are monetising or not. They are a great place to meet like minded bloggers, find blogs to read, find other bloggers to collaborate with and also network with brands and find available work.

As I’ve been planning this post I’ve realised that a lot of blogging networks verge on being PR companies – and a lot of PR companies are so great at blogger outreach that they are almost networks themselves. The lines can get pretty blurred but, anyway, here are a few of the blogging networks that I’ve had experience with over the last few years.

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Remembering the Happy Things #HappyDaysLinky

This has been such a hard week. Our extension work has reached it’s peak and having the contents of our kitchen cupboards in the middle of our lounge was a real low point for me. But, I have tidied up as best I can and decided I need to write about the happy things in life to focus on them and take my mind off the chaos around me.

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Mental Parentals, Bryan Adams and Justin Bieber #LittleLoves

YAY! Week three. I feel like I’m finally on a roll with this. This has been a bit of a meh week so I’m going to focus on these little loves so much!

Here are the things we’ve been loving this week:


I read this post from Steph over at Mental Parentals. I could really relate to what Steph was saying – and I don’t advertise formula for the same reasons. But, I shared it on my Facebook page and I think people misunderstood the post – thinking that advertising meant information/advice about formula feeding/breastfeeding and completely changed the emphasis of the post. If you take it for what it is, purely about formal advertising, then it’s a great post.

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Vela Luxury Letterbox Flowers Review and Giveaway!

I love receiving flowers through the post – doesn’t everyone? So when Vela sent me some of their luxury Letterbox Flowers I couldn’t wait to have them in a vase on the side, brightening up our home.

I have had letterbox flowers in the past and they have always been quite basic flowers but then the Vela delivery arrived I could see immediately that this would be a completely different experience. The flowers arrived in a larger size box but still flat enough to fit through the letterbox.

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Comparing Camberley Coffee Shops – Where has the best Tea?

When I gave up my day job back in November I started a new routine. I’d take the children to school, go to the gym and then head to a coffee shop for a nice cup of tea and to get some blog work done. This routine has continued since then and I’ve now managed to try all of the coffee shops in my local town to find out whee has the best tea for both type of tea and the value for money.

Comparing Camberley Coffee Shops - Where has the best Tea?

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