Ever Wondered How Pregnancy Affects Your Vision?

*This post is in collaboration with VisionDirect.co.uk

It’s pretty common knowledge that I wear glasses – and contact lenses at times – and as someone that had corrective eye surgery as a child I have always been very aware of any changes in my eyesight. I still have an eye that turns lazy when I’m tired and a very much dominant eye, often using my eyes singularly. As you can see, I am someone that has always visited opticians regularly and went a couple of times in pregnancy.

I found that when I was pregnant I couldn’t wear contact lenses as often or for as long as my eyes were a lot drier than normal. I also found that I had a lot of headaches and migraines in my second pregnancy but with both pregnancies my eyesight actually got a bit better, leading to a change in my prescription.

Did you know that pregnancy can affect your vision? It varies from person to person and some people with have no change at all but this great infographic from VisionDirect.co.uk gives more information on how your eyesight can be affected during pregnancy.

Pregnancy and Vision Infographic

Dobble Kids Review and Giveaway!

LP loves playing games and Little Man joins in where he can. We have just got to the point where LP is happy to play turn based games rather than just playing with toys so when we were sent the Dobble Kids Card Game to review I couldn’t wait to play it with LP.


Dobble Kids is a game that adults can play with their children – or children can play together – and is aimed at children 4 and over. The game comes as 30 cards in a metal tin which is easy to store and portable so great for taking on holiday or for a weekend away.


The main idea in Dobble Kids is that although there are 30 cards with animal pictures on, each card will only have one animal the same as any other card. It’s a matching, pairs type game where children can look for which animal is the same – although the animal images are different sizes and rotated in different directions so they’re not that easy to spot.


As well as having the initial game of just matching the animal pair on two cards there’s also a series of mini games where cards are laid out in front of you and you have to see which animals on your cards match the card in the middle. The aim is to be the quickest to shout out your matching animals and the first to get rid of all their cards wins.


Even Little Man loved joining in with this game and would shout out the animals on his cards – although he hasn’t quite got the concept of pairs yet. LP was a bit hit and miss with matching pairs but I know in time she’ll get better with this, especially as she is starting school in September.


Dobble Kids is a great, quick game for children of pretty much any age that would keep them entertained without taking ages to set up or taking too long to play. It’s simple to learn and once you know how to play you can play it over and over without getting bored.

I have teamed up with Esdevium Games to give away a copy of Dobble Kids to one lucky reader. To be in with a chance of winning just complete one or more entries on the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

Dobble Kids has an RRP of £12.99 and is available from Waterstones.

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Mr Men (3)

Disclosure: We were sent the above game for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

Love the Little Things – 36/52 – #LittleLoves

This has been such a big week for our family. LP turned four last Friday and then had her Birthday party on Sunday. We had a great time celebrating and ended up using the Bank Holiday to just relax and recover!


So here are a few of the things we’ve been loving this week…


I’ve done it again and not written down the blog posts I’ve read but one that does stick in my mind is from Sian with Why I’m Not A Good Blogger. For the record, I think Sian is an ace blogger because she is one of the few that still blog, totally, because they love it. She writes what she wants to write when she wants to write it and for that I have huge respect for her. It’s a great post and I think it will make many bloggers laugh!

I also read this poem that a friend shared with me on Twitter. If you have a child starting school this year I can almost guarantee this will pull at your heart strings.


Hubby and I have caught up with all our usual TV this week – GBBO and Dragon’s Den. I’m saving OBEM for Hubby’s night shifts at the weekend and we’ve been enjoying X-Factor although I’m not sure on the new line up of judges – Simon gets more smarmy as the years go by and it just wasn’t the same without Gary and now no Gary OR Louis?! Plus I’m not massively keen on Nick Grimshaw either.


This week I have been mainly wearing my work uniform as I have had a couple of working days to catch up on. Also, Hubby gave me a present to cement the fact it’s Autumn – brand new slipper boots! I live in slipper boots the whole year round. They are so comfy and toasty and are probably one of my all time favourite things.



I made LP’s room just a bit tidier by putting her soft toy hammock back up and realised some point soon we may need a soft toy cull. It’s turned into an epidemic!


I also made cupcakes and sweetie cones for LP’s Birthday Party. She had such a fantastic day and it was my favourite Birthday party that either of the kids have had so far. A really perfect day.



and lastly…

We have had so many adventures through the summer but I am now looking forward to an uneventful few weeks. LP starts school next Wednesday and I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Toyz World BeBop Turret Ball Pit Bouncy Castle

I am yet to meet a child that doesn’t love a bouncy castle so when Toyz World offered to send us a bouncy castle to use for LP’s Birthday Party I knew that she would love it.

We have a fairly big garden but open space is limited so I was imagining a huge bouncy castle filling our garden from edge to edge but when we measured the garden before choosing which bouncy castle to review I found that all the bouncy castle sizes were perfect for a standard garden – not the industrial sized ones I’d been thinking of!

From the range on offer at Toyz World we chose to review the 15ft Turret Ball Pit Bouncy Castle as I knew LP would love how much it looked like a castle and the ball pit added an extra play option for the party guests.


The ball pit arrived in two boxes, both of which are compact enough to keep in a loft, shed or garage. One box contains the bouncy castle and pegs to keep it grounded and in the other box there is an electric air blower to inflate the bouncy castle – and keep it inflated during use.


The bouncy castle couldn’t be simpler to set up – you just lay out the fabric of the bouncy castle, attach the air blower, plug it in and turn it on. The bouncy castle only takes a minute or so to inflate and the children loved that they had an instant bouncy castle in the garden.



We had the bouncy castle for a week before LP’s party but unfortunately the weather was too bad to use it but the children spent a large part of the day before her birthday party on it, testing it out for us. It’s well made, durable and stands up to children being quite forceful with it. The only issue came when the children bounced into the netting on the sides of the bouncy castle and their momentum caused them to end up on the floor, inside the netting, with the turrets collapsed on top of them. During a whole day of use at the party this happened 3 or 4 times although the children were always supervised when it was in use but I’d advise having the bouncy castle situated away from any obstructions or having mats down around the bouncy castle.




That aside, LP loved having the bouncy castle at her party – it really is a four year old’s dream and we loved watching her bouncing around with her friends. We are now considering in investing in a bouncy castle to use at parties going forward as for around £200 I think it would be a great investment as bouncy castle hire is usually a good chunk of that just for a few hours.

The BeBop Turret Ball Pit Bouncy Castle has an RRP of £309.95 but is currently on offer at £229.95


Disclosure: We were sent the above product on loan for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

Making Card Debt Work For You

*This post is in collaboration with TSB

Throughout my adult life I have come across all sorts of deals on store cards, offers that make you want to buy something right there and then, that make anything you dream of seem within reach. Store Cards can be great – with an interest free period at the start they allow you to buy that dream dress, piece of furniture or TV. Purchases you have thought long and hard about or impulse purchases when you see something you love but can’t necessarily afford right now.

I have had these kinds of cards in the past – buying a bed on a store card or getting a store card just before a big sale to have a splurge and pay it back later. But how much later do you pay it off? After our journey of getting into and out of debt I make sure that I pay off cards in full every month but what if you have taken out a store card and don’t have the money to repay the balance in full after that lovely interest free period has ended? If you don’t have a way of repaying you could end up with interest of usually more than 30% APR – that’s an extra £20-£30 a year on every £100 you spend!

A great option in this situation is to transfer the balance across to a 0% interest balance transfer credit card. Most have an interest free period of at least a year to help you pay off the balance over a period of time without incurring any interest – usually with just a small balance transfer free.

Although we have been in debt in the past I don’t see anything wrong with taking out credit and making it work for you with manageable payments. Balance transfers are a great way of affording a holiday and paying it off through the year or spreading the cost of large purchases. They’re also great if you’re just finding it hard to keep up repayments on debts or just want everything in one place.

So, make use of store cards if you want to but make sure you pay off the debt – or transfer it to a 0% card – after the interest free period to avoid huge interest charges – and don’t miss payments on any debt or it could seriously effect your credit rating!