Britmums, BMWs and Jam #LittleLoves

Woah I’m on a Little Loves roll – two posts in two weeks. Amazing! I have a feeling I am back on it and will try and keep with it each week going forward – fingers crossed! So here we are with a few things I’ve been loving this week:


The main post that stands out for me is this one from Stevie at A Cornish Mum. Most of the blogging world, or so it felt like it, was at Britmums Live last weekend. It was a great event – I was all about the socialising and because of that I had THE BEST time. I met so many new people, didn’t stop smiling and loved the whole thing.


But, like Stevie, I didn’t win the award I was up for. But I am so proud to have been nominated and to have reached the final five in my category. For me, that is huge and something I never expected. Being thought highly enough of to have your name put in a box – when they could choose literally anyone is an incredible feeling. Thanks so much to anyone that voted.


I haven’t watched much this week apart from Pam’s BMW video. How awesome is this? Can you believe she has very little video experience? This looks so professional. So proud of her!


Following on from last week’s Coldplay theme Hubby and I watched Coldplay’s Glastonbury set on Sunday night. It was awesome although the sound wasn’t as good as I’d hoped – and seeing them live was so much better BUT their duet with Barry Gibb was pretty spectacular and you could tell how much Chris Martin was in his element. Living the dream!


This week I haven’t worn anything special at all although I did wear a dress at Britmums Live that made me look a lot slimmer than I feel – it’s awesome when that happens. Plus, because I am such an amazing blogger I don’t even have a photo of me in it. Fail!


This week I’ve made so many jars of strawberry jam – and will be making more soon. Strawberries have taken over our garden and at the moment we are picking 2kgs every couple of days – it’s madness. But it inspired me to write about how to grow strawberry plants as they are just so easy!


and Lastly

Apart from Britmums Live this has been a pretty ordinary week. It’s given me time to get over my Britmums come down and get back to reality. I now have work for the next couple of days but a lovely family day out on Sunday – fingers crossed for sun!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Little Loves

5 things you may not know about choosing new windows and doors

*This is a collaborative guest post

Gone are the days when buying new windows or doors meant just having a salesperson show up on your doorstep with a folder of scruffy, laminated images. Oh no, choosing new windows, doors, or conservatories is much more fun nowadays – loads of window companies even have showrooms, so you can go and check out the windows in real life.

In case you’re thinking of buying new windows, doors or an extension for your house, I’ve been chatting to Newview Windows and Conservatories, to bring you some tips. Newview don’t manufacture themselves – they order made to measure from other companies – so they offer impartial advice on what would suit you best. Think of them as your friendly, local window consultancy service.

Here then are 5 things you may not have realised about shopping for windows:

Windows don’t only come in white

Nowadays you’re not limited to boring white, plastic looking window frames. UPVC windows are now available in a whole range of colours and finishes, so whatever the look of your home, you’ll be able to find windows that compliment your style.

Fiberglass windows with decorative elements

Windows can help you turn your house into a haven

Have you ever had one of those moments, when you want to shut out the noises from outside, but the banging music from next door’s garden, or the incessant rumble of traffic, just won’t go away? You need to get yourself some soundproof windows. Newview are experts in sound insulation, so definitely worth chatting to if you live somewhere prone to noise.

You can have windows completely customised

When you’re choosing new windows or doors, you’re absolutely not limited to a pre-designed range or specification. If you want something more personal, or have awkward shapes and sizes to cater for, you can have bespoke windows made, according to your exact needs.

You don’t have to compromise if you live in a heritage home

A lot of people think that there’s a trade off between authentic, wood framed sash windows and effective double glazing – not so! Newview offer beautiful timber framed sash windows, with double glazing and soundproofing, or opt for a timber effect uPVC window for extra energy efficiency.

A connection to the garden means traditional patio doors

Nope! Doors have come a long way! You can get some really stunning doors for your home now to create that whole ‘inside to outside’ feel. Did you know for instance that Newview can create bi-fold doors up to seven panes in length, meaning you can open up whole walls to the outside?

Porch in suburban home with door to patio

Have you shopped for new windows or doors lately? What would be your top tips?

Bucket List Update {June 2016}

This month I expected to tick off maybe one or two things from our annual bucket list but I’ve amazed myself with managing to tick another four things off the list! Here’s how our Bucket List is looking at the end of June:

Bucket List 2016 (1)

Go to a Gig

Before having children Hubby and I used to go to concerts all the time. It was our thing. Rather than go for meals or the cinema we’d spend all our spare cash on going to concerts every couple of months. We’ve seen everyone from U2 to Westlife, Beautiful South to Lenny Kravitz. Live music was my life for so long but it was something that we couldn’t afford once we had kids – and something we found hard to organise childcare for, especially when the kids were tiny.

But, when Coldplay announced their latest tour, and hinted that it could be their last we just had to go. We’ve seen Coldplay live so many times – my first concert was the year after Hubby and I got together seeing Coldplay at Crystal Palace. Their Yellow song was our first dance and we couldn’t miss the chance to see them live one more time.

LP and Little Man went to their best friends’ house over night and Hubby and I went to Wembley. I could dedicate a whole post to the gig but I would. There aren’t actually that many words. It was phenomenal. I loved every minute and wanted it to last all night. My feet were numb from dancing, my voice was croaky from singing but it was immense. Loved it! I am now raring to book more tickets to more concerts and have a list as long as my arm of people I would like to see.

Get to 10st

At the start of the year my weight had crept back up to over 11st and I was determined to make a change. My Weight Watchers goal weight was always 10st and this was a weight I hit – for just one week – before I found out I was pregnant with Little Man. I was 11st something when I found out I was pregnant with LP and so 10st was a weight I hadn’t been consistently for a very long time but it was a weight I knew I could aim for. So I added it to my bucket list and didn’t think any more of it, thinking it would be nice if I reached it but not sure I ever would.

But, over the last few months I have been focusing on Slim Fast – something that fits nicely into our family lives – and I have been exercising more. I’m now proud to say I’m about 9st 12lb, a weight I can’t remember ever seeing on the scales before. But, I would still like to lose a little more weight and am aiming to now get down to 9st 7lb. I’m only 5ft 3 so even at my current weight I am right near the top of a healthy BMI so ideally I’d like to be somewhere in the middle. I’ll be posting a lot about my weight loss and fitness in the coming months as I have a lot going on – I’ve joined a gym, am doing the 30 Day Abs Challenge and will even soon be getting a push bike…!

Go to the Beach

We managed to go to three beaches whilst we were in the Isle of Wight at the start of the month – Whitecliff Bay, where we were staying, the beach at The Needles and Shanklin. The weather wasn’t the best but we made the most of it anyway!


Fly a Kite

Also whilst we were in the Isle of Wight we flew LP’s little butterfly kite. It’s just a finger kite, that she can run around with it streaming behind her, but she loves it and it was great to spend an hour playing with her with it.


So there we have it. A pretty productive month! July is set to be even more productive and I can’t wait to share it with you.


Getting Over My Gym-Phobia with PureGym

I had got to the age of thirty one having never been to a gym properly. I went to a handful of legs, bums and tums classes when we were planning our wedding and aside from that I had never been to a gym until very recently, when Natalie and I tried out one during our Holiday Inn stay.

There were times in my life up until now where I haven’t been able to afford gym membership and there have been times where I just haven’t had the time to go to the gym – juggling two children, work, a blog and my husband’s shifts. But even with these immediate excuses there has been something else holding me back, a deep set gym-phobia.

You see, I have always had this image of gyms being full of young, slim, fit people and the thought of exercising alongside these people was terrifying. But having now been to a small hotel gym I know that actually, the people that work in gyms are fit – as they have to be in their jobs – but the people that visit the gym are from all walks of life. People of any age need to exercise and people of any size want to get fitter.

With this in mind and with Little Man starting preschool in September I have decided it’s the perfect time to fight my gym-phobia and document my journey from being gym-phobic to, hopefully, going regularly and seeing improvements in my fitness, health and weight.

I have signed up to Pure Gym and will be going there a minimum of three times a week. It’s on my walk to work, on our walk to school and so easy to get to that I really have no excuses. Before Little Man starts school I’ll be going in the evenings, after work or once the kids are in bed around my husband’s shifts. I may even get up early to go in the morning before work too – but that really depends how into it I get – I know that right now I hang on to all the sleep I can get!

But once Little Man starts preschool I’ll be dropping the kids at school and then heading for the gym. I’m looking forward to going to exercise classes as well as running, cycling and rowing and looking forward to doing something for me. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Review: Adidas Energy Boost 2 Running Shoes

Disclosure: Pure Gym are working with me to kick start my fitness journey however this is part of an ongoing lifestyle change that I’ll be documenting over the coming months.

BIC Kids Colouring Activity Kit Review and Giveaway!

LP and Little Man love drawing, colouring and generally being creative so when we were sent the new BIC Kids Colouring Activity Kit to review they were pretty excited – especially as it had an Alvin and the Chipmunks theme to it.


The Activity Kit contains all the children need to have many quality colouring in sessions with crayons, felt tips and pencils as well as a glue stick and a pad of activity pages.


The activity pad had colouring in sheets, games and stand up chipmunks to colour in, cut out and stick together. LP loved that it had girl characters as well as the three main boy chipmunks and she was happy to colour them in one after the other.


The BIC crayons, pencils and felt tips are all great quality and easy for the children to hold. They’re long lasting and I know from experience that the crayons don’t break easily like other brands do – we are huge fans in our house already.


The whole BIC Kids Colouring Activity Kit is perfect for rainy days, quiet time or a lazy afternoon and it has everything the children need to keep them entertained for an hour or so at a time. They’ve really enjoyed using the set and the crayons, pencils and felt tips will last long after they have run out of activity sheets!


I have teamed up with BIC to give away a Activity Kit to one lucky reader. To be in with a chance of winning just complete one or more entries on the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

The BIC Kids Colouring Activity Kit has an RRP of £9.99

Don’t forget to check out our other giveaways over on the giveaways page!

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Mr Men (14)
Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.