Redhead Roundup – Food & Drink {25th November}


Here are a few foodie products we’ve been enjoying recently.

Crosse and Blackwell ‘Frozen’ 4 Kids Pasta Shapes in Tomato Sauce with Sausages

The children will often have beans or pasta shapes with their dinner if Hubby’s at work and we’re having a quick meal. When Crosse and Blackwell sent us some of their new Frozen Pasta Shapes I knew that LP especially would love them!


The range of Pasta Shapes in Tomato Sauce are great at getting children excited about their dinner and the shapes are easily recognisable – the Frozen shapes have all the familiar characters as well as snowflakes and LP loved pointing the shapes out as she found them.

LP and Little Man have never had pasta shapes with sausages in before so this was quite exciting for them. Both the pasta and sausages were great quality and something they both enjoyed.


Paul Hollywood Ready To Bake Bread Rolls

Hubby and I love having part baked bread rolls at home to have easily with meals or any time we fancy fresh bread. The smell of fresh bread is also a big benefit of this kind of bread. When we were told about Paul Hollywood’s new range of Ready To Bake Bread Rolls I knew they’d be something that would fit well into our lifestyle and I couldn’t wait to try them.


The range of bread rolls come in three different varieties – flour dusted wheatsheaf crusty rolls, a mixed pack of poppy and sesame seed topped rolls (3 of each) and a mixed pack of multiseed (linseed, sunflower, millet and sesame seeds) rolls, 3 blended and 3 topped.

We honestly didn’t have a preference when it came to the bread rolls and we really enjoyed all of them – as did the children. The rolls were great to have with dinner, for a bacon sandwich or just for lunch.


The different toppings added interest to the rolls and they were definitely more exciting than the rolls we usually buy. We’ll definitely be buying them again!


Godiva 12 Assorted Truffles

We love trying new chocolates and Godiva aren’t a brand I am familiar with at all so when a box of Godiva 12 Assorted Truffles arrived I couldn’t wait to try them.


The truffles are just one of Godiva’s great range of boxed chocolates that would be perfect as a Christmas gift. The truffles are so much bigger than other ones we have tried in the past and you can tell that they are great quality the moment you bite into them.

The Godiva truffles have a great variety of flavours such as Truffe Amande Miel, Truffe Caramel Sale, Truffe Speculoos, Truffe Mousse De Lait, Truffe Praline Amande and Truffe Mousse Vanille Miel. This assortment would make a wonderful gift and something a little different from typical High Street chocolate brands.


Disclosure: We were sent the above products to include in this post however all opinions are my own.

When is the best time to Emigrate?

*This post is in collaboration with Lend Lease

As a young couple I remember Hubby and I having a conversation about emigrating. It was one of those conversations that we had on and off for a whole evening and at the time emigrating seemed like such a lovely idea. We were both disillusioned by the UK, the weather was awful and sunnier climates seemed quite appealing.

But now, quite a few years on and with two young children, emigrating couldn’t be further from our thoughts. It makes me realise that we, as a family, have missed the boat – and I’m happy with that. For us, the perfect time to emigrate would have been anytime before our children started school. It’s easier than trying to settle in to a whole new academic system whilst relocating and also trying to stop the kids from missing too much school.

I have seen so many blogger friends relocate – Mama Mim comes to mind with her recent move to Australia and also Cool Bananas‘ imminent Australian move too. I can’t say I am not envious, of the lovely weather, beautiful beaches and places to live like Springfield Lakes – there’s a display village by Lend Lease that looks like such a great community to be a part of.

So for us, the UK will forever be our home. We have great family, amazing friends and we all have a really lovely life here. I can’t imagine moving abroad now but there was definitely a time it looked quite appealing. I imagine an overseas life being like something from Home and Away – surfing, endless brunches in diners and having Christmas dinner on a barbecue!

Have you ever thought about relocating? Emigrating abroad? What held you back, or what made you make that jump? I’d love to hear your stories.


Super Quick Muffin Tin Meals Review and Giveaway

We love trying new recipes and Super Quick Muffin Tin Meals looked like just the sort of thing we would love when it arrived for review.


Super Quick Muffin Tin Meals has a great range of both sweet and savoury recipes, all created in muffin shapes. The one thing to note with this recipe book is that it’s american so the weights and measures are all in US amounts however there is a handy conversion guide in the back.

Also, many recipes use brand name products that are mainly available in the US like Cool Whip and Crescent however it is fairly simple to work out UK equivalents.

I always like to try a few recipes from a book when reviewing them and I have to admit my first recipe attempt was a disaster. I attempted the Hash Brown Egg Nests but I didn’t have any hash browns to grate as per the recipe and instead grated potato which was fine although the eggs that you crack on top ended up really over cooked and like rubber. In hindsight I should have probably put some foil over the eggs to stop them browning so much but this wasn’t mentioned in the recipe so definitely a disaster.


But, never one to give up I tried a couple more recipes. Next we had Crispy Treat Nests which actually turned out amazingly well! This couldn’t be simpler – just melt some butter, mix some marshmallows in until melted and then add rice crispies, mixing well. This is then divided between muffin cases and left to set. One thing to note – this mix goes like chewing gum and is incredibly hard to get off a spoon, your fingers or anything else. Definitely one to do when you have some time spare or make a big batch of it rather than portioning it out.


Lastly, I made Pesto Egg Mini Quiches. These only took twenty minutes to cook and turned out really well. They’re the sort of thing you could cook in advance and take for lunch at work or on a picnic. Even the kids enjoyed them!


So overall the Super Quick Muffin Tin Meals recipe book was a successful although a few of the recipes may need some practice! I have teamed up with Quarto Knows to give away a copy of the book to one lucky reader. To be in with a chance of winning just complete one or more entries on the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

Super Quick Muffin Tin Meals has an RRP of £16.00

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Disclosure: We were sent the above book for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

Preparing for Winter with the Scruffs Thermo Parka

It’s that time of year where we all realise we need a new coat and so when Scruffs invited us to try something from their winter range I knew that a coat to see Hubby through his night shifts in the cold months would be a really great investment.


Scruffs have a great range of workwear that is all hard wearing but functional, comfortable but durable. The Thermo Parka is made from really hard wearing fabric that is also waterproof making it perfect for any weather.


It has fully padded quilted lining for extra warmth and a removable fur trim hood. The hood also has an extra section to really keep wind and rain off your face.


When Hubby first wore the coat on a night shift he commented on how warm it was. He’s thought his old coat but the Scruffs Thermo Parka was something else!


The Scruffs Thermo Parka has pockets everywhere, both inside and out, of varying sizes to give you space for everything. The coat also has plenty of reflective parts to make sure that even in a black coat you are visible in any weather and at any time of the day or night.


Hubby loves this coat, especially when he’s at work but it’s a great warm coat for the winter months both in and out of work and I now know that Hubby will be as warm as he can be, wherever he is.

The Scruffs Thermo Parka has an RRP of £79.99

Disclosure: We were sent the above coat for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

Dressing for Christmas with Rockin Baby

We love finding new places to buy clothes from and the children all love getting dressed up so when Rockin Baby sent Little Man an outfit with Christmas in mind he couldn’t wait to get dressed up.

I’ve been familiar with Rockin Baby for a couple of years now – they manufacture beautiful baby carriers and for every one sold in the UK they donate one to mothers in Haiti or Kenya. From the moment I heard about Rockin Baby I knew that they were a company who really wanted do something good in the world. So I was excited when the brand expanded and started offering childrenswear too – and with the same great offer of providing a like for like product to a child in Haiti or Kenya whenever one is sold in the UK.

Rockin Baby have recently partnered with ChildFund International to reach millions of children across the world, including hundreds of thousands of children in West Africa orphaned from Ebola. Fantastically Rockin’ Baby is on target to donate 230,000 pieces of clothing over the next 12 months from sales of the clothing.

Rockin Baby now offer clothes from birth to ten and Little Man’s outfit is a great example of the clothing from Rockin Baby. Little Man’s chinos are comfortable and made to last with adjusters on the waist to make the fit as well as possible. They are a lovely colour and feel great too.


His shirt has a gorgeous arrow print that goes well with the chinos and buttons up – with buttons of the cuffs too. This outfit suits Little Man perfectly and as you can tell it has plenty of room to grow. Little Man is a very average two and a half and these are roomier than other 2-3 clothes he had but it’s always nice for clothes to be on the big side than too small!


Little Man’s Rockin Baby outfit is definitely one I would dress him in for an occasion – Christmas, a party or a festive gathering. Whatever the occasion he would definitely look the part.


Rocking Baby have clothes suitable for any occasion and have both casual and more dressed up styles as well as pyjamas and loungewear. We love Little Man’s outfit and know that we’ll be buying more pieces from Rockin Baby in the future.

Little Man’s shirt has an RRP of £24.00 and his Trousers have an RRP of £24.00


Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.