Getting Back to Normal with McCain – Bacon Wrapped Cheesey Chicken

After Christmas it always feels like a hard slog to get back to normal – there’s turkey to finish eating, endless boxes of chocolates and loads of party food and treats in the fridge. It take us a good few weeks to get back into the routine of having a meal plan and eating proper dinners again rather than leftovers.

To help us get back to normal McCain inspired us to create a quick and easy family meal. Often our meals are batch cooked and then frozen to make weekday meals that much quicker but we also love to cook from scratch at times – with a little help from the freezer!

LP loves to get into the kitchen with me and she enjoys nothing more than helping to cook dinner. I planned to make Bacon Wrapped Cheesey Chicken served with salad and McCain Curly Fries – something new for the children to try!

LP loved helping me make dinner. She watched me cut open the chicken breasts and then fill them with cheese triangles that she’d unwrapped for me. We then wrapped them in bacon and put them in the oven.


LP pretty much made the salad by herself and then poured McCain Curly Fries onto a baking tray for me. She’ll be cooking by herself in no time! This is just one of many family meals we make for dinner that get the kids involved but also fit nicely into our routine.

If you’d like to recreate our recipe yourself, here’s the recipe:


Serves: 4 Preparation Time: 10 minutes Cooking Time: 35 minutes


  • 4 chicken breasts – fresh or frozen and completely defrosted
  • 8 smoked back bacon rashers
  • 4 cheese triangles


  • Pre-heat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6
  • Cut the chicken breasts length ways, making a pocket inside them.
  • Fill the pocket with a cheese spread triangle and wrap the chicken breasts tightly in two bacon rashers.
  • Bake the chicken in the centre of the oven for 30 minutes or until nicely browned and cooked through.
  • Serve with salad and your choice of McCain potato products.


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Harry Potter, James Corden and Fruit Loaf #LittleLoves

This week has been a lovely week really. We’re on holiday from tomorrow so it’s all been about getting ready for that, making plans and getting packed. Here are a few things we’ve been loving this week…


This week I finished Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and have moved swiftly on to The Chamber of Secrets. I love being back in the world of Harry Potter!


After finishing the book Hubby and I watched the first Harry Potter movie and I admit I had forgotten how good the whole Harry Potter franchise is. I now can’t wait to get through the rest of the books so I can re-watch the movies!

I also watched James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke with Chris Martin after a few people mentioned it in last week’s Little Loves. The funniest thing I have seen in a long time – especially as a huge Coldplay fan.

But I’ve also just watched this week’s Elton John Carpool Karaoke and it was pretty amazing too. It’s safe to say I am now a huge fan of the Carpool Karaoke series and for me James Corden is a legend – he has come so far since Gavin & Stacey – good on him!

We also took the children to see A Good Dinosaur last weekend and we all loved it – although LP was scared at a couple of bits. Great movie and a little shout out to Lauren who obviously named her child after the lead character…



This week for me has been all about Coldplay – Hymn for the Weekend. I love Coldplay – they were the first album I bought as a teenager, Hubby and I saw them in London for every tour they did from us getting together until us having kids and then we had Yellow as our first dance song at our wedding. BUT their new album wasn’t instant love for me. It’s been a slow burner and I have now reached the point where I really enjoy it and find myself singing along. Hymn for the Weekend has been on the radio a lot this week, especially when I’ve been driving, and I love it.


Layers and layers and layers! This week, especially yesterday, has been cold! Nothing like what we’ll have up in Scotland next week though!


I had an exciting delivery this week – the Sage Custom Loaf Pro which I have high hopes for. Hubby and I have tried to make bread at home so many times and always failed but we have already made a Fruit Loaf with this amazing machine and it turned out so, so good! I’ll be sharing more from the Custom Loaf Pro in the coming weeks.


and Lastly…

I’m off to Scotland tomorrow – well, after a weekend in Cumbria – and cannot wait to catch up with so many friends whilst we’re away. Have a lovely weekend whatever you get up to and if it’s half term for you too then have a great time with the kids!


A Valentines Gift from Ted Baker at Debenhams

Since having kids Hubby and I haven’t really celebrated Valentines. We’ll have a meal together at home and exchange cards but we haven’t given gifts for quite a while so when Debenhams sent me a beautiful package for Valentines it was a lovely surprise!


Debenhams have so many gifts that are perfect for Valentines and their Ted Baker range of lingerie and nightwear would make a wonderful gift. My present arrived packaged in a beautiful presentation box, complete with a nice big bow and wrapped in tissue paper inside. If you’re buying a gift for someone this is definitely how you would like it to arrive!


The box contained a gorgeous set of nightwear – a camisole and pyjama bottoms in a lovely butterfly print. They’re made of super soft material and have really feminine touches – lace and intricate details.


Most of my pyjamas are practical ones – brushed cotton and check print, warm in winter, really comfy but not the most attractive of nightwear. This set from Debenhams is gorgeous and just the sort of thing any woman would love – I cannot wait to wear them!


As well as the beautiful Ted Baker nightwear, Debenhams sent me a bottle of Prosecco and a box of chocolates! My Valentines Day is complete – and I may even share them with Hubby.


I wouldn’t usually think of Debenhams for Valentines gifts but seeing their extensive range of lingerie and nightwear I realise it’s actually the perfect place to shop for the loved one in your life – especially when it can all be sent in gift packaging too!

If you’re shopping for Valentines don’t forget the chocolates and bubbly, no Valentines Day is really complete without them!


Disclosure: I was sent the above gift for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

Tech21 Patriot iPhone Case Review and Giveaway

Any parent will know how important it is to protect your phone with small children around. My phone is not only important to me as a blogger – with social media and emails constantly at hand, but it’s also a source of entertainment for the children, a way to record all those everyday moments with the camera and a way to contact anyone I need to in an emergency.

So when Tech21 offered to protect my phone for me, with one of their many gadget cases, I knew it would not only make my phone safer but it would also change the way I use my phone going forward too. I chose the Patriot iPhone case for my iPhone 5S – mainly because I liked the colour – and waited for it to arrive.



The Patriot Case was really simple to put straight onto my phone. It incorporates an inner case with built in screen protector and then a FlexShock rubber feeling outer case giving all round protection. The case is designed to withstand any impact – especially when dropped which is perfect for when the children are using it. I now have the peace of mind that they won’t damage my phone and so let them play with it and take pictures a lot more than I used to.


The case is also dust proof and splash proof with covers over all the phone’s outlets which are easy to move to the side to plug in the phone charger or headphones but keep everything really water tight and safe when out and about.



The screen protector is my favourite feature as I am used to using stick on screen protectors that are always full of bubbles and tony specs of dust. This screen protector sits completely over the screen but isn’t stuck to it and gives really good coverage, keeps my phone as intuitive as without a screen protector and feels nice to use too.


The Patriot case is a great addition to my phone. It’s easy to hold and stays in your hand well with the matt feeling of the external case. It’s chunky and robust but fits in well with family life and although it took me a few hours to get used to it I now can’t imagine my phone without the case on it. I love knowing that my phone is protected in any situation.


The Tech21 Patriot Case also comes with a belt clip to keep your phone attached to you at all times. This is robust and hard wearing as well as easy to fit onto the main phone case. It’s a great addition to the case and so useful too.



The Patriot case is just one of Tech21’s vast range of covers for not only mobile phones but also tablets and laptops – making Tech21 the perfect place to look for protection for any gadget. I have teamed up with Tech21 to give away a phone cover to one lucky reader. If you would like to be in with the chance of winning a phone case of your choice just complete one or more entries on the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

The Tech21 Patriot Case has an RRP of £39.95

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Mr Men (2)
Disclosure: I was sent the above case for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

Review: Orchard Toys – Giant Railway

Little Man loves nothing more than trains. He is obsessed with railways and stares in glee every time he sees a real life train so when Orchard Toys sent us their Giant Railway jigsaw puzzle to review I knew it would be a hit.


The Giant Railway consists of 22 jigsaw pieces which all have a section of track on them. They vary in size as well as shape – some being straight track, others curved track and some the stoppers you get at the end of a piece of track.


As well as having a lovely track design, Giant Railway also has images of trains, carriages and train stations on the pieces as well as lots of things next to the track – animals, signals etc. The Giant Railway has so much to look at and if that wasn’t enough it also comes with four stand up characters that you can use to add a third dimension to the jigsaw – although Little Man has also enjoyed using his own trains to move around the track too.


LP and Little Man loved putting the jigsaw together and were both intrigued and slightly confused that the track didn’t have one set way of being put together – they could literally make a different track system each time they played with the Giant Railway. There are also places where a road crosses over the track making it easy to use the Giant Railway in conjunction with the Giant Road jigsaw – which is now firmly on Little Man’s Birthday list!


Little Man loves jigsaws and he loves trains and since Giant Railway has arrived he has had so much fun putting the track together, taking it apart, making it again and when he is finally happy with it he makes his trains go around the track, stopping at the stations and having chats with the other trains in the images as they pass each other.


Giant Railway is so much more than a jigsaw and a must for any train loving child. Each piece is really thick and durable with a wipe clean finish. It also comes complete with a really well made storage box – something I am used to now with all Orchard Toys games.

Giant Railway has an RRP of £13.95

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.