A Christmas Wish List with M&Co #MerryWishmas

I love Christmas, it’s my favourite time of the year and even now, right at the start of December, I feel so happy knowing Christmas is round the corner. But, with all my shopping done and most of the wrapping finished I haven’t had much time to think about me. But, M&Co got in contact to ask me what I’d like this Christmas – and to put together a wish list from their website.

It’s so much fun browsing for me. I don’t often shop for myself – usually spoiling the children or buying things for our home. But, browsing the M&Co website I realised that I cold shop for the home, or the children, or even Hubby but instead I put together a wish list just for me for a change.

Christmas M&Co wish list

Christmas is a great time to stock up on basics and things that you would love any year but it’s also a good time to ask for things that you wouldn’t necessarily buy at any other time of the year. This was the perfect opportunity to add a beautiful festive dress to my wish list – the perfect outfit for Christmas day.

But I’m also trying to vary my wardrobe and this mock layer top is perfect for something different to wear. The lace panel top is something I would definitely wear – it’s like other breton tops that I currently own but with beautiful detailing that makes it so different too.

And you can’t go wrong with accessories on a wish list either. I always love a new bag and it’s the perfect time of year for a bobble hat – and this one has a nice sparkle running through it, adding a bit of a shine to the school run!

I could have added so much more to my wish list – jumpers, so many dresses, coats and other winter woolies too. M&Co turned out to be the perfect place for Christmas shopping – or Christmas wishing in this case!

Disclosure: I was sent the above products from my wish list for the purpose of this post.

The Perfect Gift for All the Family from Oral B

It’s often hard to think of something different to buy the children or even your partner at Christmas. The children have toys coming out of their ears and we buy them clothes as they outgrow them – or buy in advance in the sales. Hubby and I buy things when we need them, or save up for larger purchases through the year. It gets to the point where it doesn’t really feel like there is anything else we could want or need. But Oral B have the perfect gifts this Christmas.

The Perfect Gift for All the Family from Oral B

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Mince Pie Flapjacks Recipe

If you’re looking for a tasty treat that reminds you of all things festive and isn’t a normal mince pie then you should give these Mince Pie Flapjacks a go. A very simple twist on a typical flapjack but it tastes just like mince pies without being overpowering.

Mince Pie Flapjacks Recipe

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Lumie Bodyclock LUXE 700 Review and Giveaway!

Last year I reviewed the Lumie Bodyclock Active 250 which completely changed the way that I woke up each morning. But, a year later and Lumie have many new products on the market and they sent me their latest model, the Lumie Bodyclock LUXE 700 to try out to see how far Lumie have come in a  year.

Lumie Bodyclock LUXE 700 Review and Giveaway!

The Lumie Bodyclock LUXE 700 is the perfect bedside companion but it is so much more than an alarm clock. The light works by feeling just like sunrise, so you can wake naturally each morning. This has helped my mood, as I wake easier in the morning, and it’s really helped my body clock too.

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Review: SmartGames – Educational but Fun!

LP and Little Man are at the age now where they love to play games – ones that come in a box and with different pieces. They love setting games up and then playing them by themselves or together and so when SmartGames sent us some of their games to try LP and Little Man were quite excited.

We were sent Little Red Riding Hood Deluxe and Dinosaurs Mystic Island. Both of the games have a similar concept – you’re given a book with challenges in and once you set up the game board you have to place tiles in the right places to solve that challenge. They’re games based on lateral thinking and logic – things that the children haven’t really experienced before so I was interested to see how they would do.

Review: SmartGames

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