Kids Kit Peli’s Play Pouch

Storing bath toys is one thing that gives us a constant headache – trying to store them safely, out of the way and confined but able to dry, not get mouldy and be accessible for the kids. When we were sent the Kids Kit Peli’s Play Pouch to review I thought it might be just the thing we needed.


Peli’s Play Pouch comes in three pieces that are easy to slot together and with sticker eyes that you peel and stick in place. I would have preferred these to be ready stuck as it was quite tricky to put them in place without creases but once they were stuck and Peli’s Play Pouch was in one piece we attached it to the side of the bath.


There’s a vice style attachment on the back of Peli’s Play Pouch that grips the side of the bath. Unfortunately for us, as our bath has a wooden frame around it, Peli’s Play Pouch doesn’t fit smoothly against the side but it’s easy to see how it would fit flush onto a standard shape bath.


Peli’s Play Pouch sits on the side of the bath and his mouth can be opened and closed to put toys in or take them out. Peli’s Play Pouch has a large capacity and the netting bag can be removed easily to wash it in the washing machine.


The netting bag on peli’s Play Pouch lets water drain from the toys and even wash the toys as it sits in the water whilst the kids are having a bath. This makes it quite a hygienic product for storing toys compared to other products where toys are left to stagnate on the wall or side.


The children love sharing their bath with peli’s Play Pouch and find it easy to put toys in and take them out. He has made bath times even more fun for the children and we’ll be using him in the bath indefinitely as the children love him!

Peli’s Play Pouch has an RRP of £14.99

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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Love the Little Things – 13/52 – #LittleLoves

It’s Friday already! I love my new Friday ritual of linking in with #LittleLoves – the only other ritual I have on a Friday is going to work so this post definitely balances that out nicely! Here are a few of my loves from the week:


First off I need to mention a couple of blog posts. It was lovely Kiran’s Birthday just over a week ago and she wrote about how Birthdays change as you get older. A really deep post, looking at a lot of angles and one that really resonated with me. A beautiful post.

I write quite a lot of food posts and try to take the best photos I can but Jenny wrote a post about Styling Food Photos that I really learnt from – I can only hope to one day take food photos as beautiful as Jenny’s.

I have also started reading The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling and I am only a few chapters in so can’t give much of an opinions. But so far I’m finding it has a lot of people in, all with similar names and huge back stories. It’s quite hard to get into. If I haven’t got into it by the time I’m halfway through I will give up – life’s too short to read books you don’t really love.



I have caught up with Hollyoaks and Home and Away again – my guilty pleasures when Hubby’s at work. We also watched our usual TV shows of Masterchef, First Dates, Towie and OBEM. I love easy to watch TV!

I also watched LP and Little Man have a bit of a dance together before preschool yesterday. Here’s a little video if you’d like to see too…



I had a bit of a Primark splurge the other day and so have been wearing all my new BARGAIN purchases. Firstly, black footless tights that have a diner of about a million. In other words: Really comfy leggings.


I also bought an oversized comfy jumper that is perfect to slouch around in, do my blogging in and just relax in. I love to layer up around the house and this jumper was reduced to just £5, so glad I bought it.


Lastly, I haven’t worn a proper tee for literally years but fell in love with this Eiffel Tower print one. It’s so simple and I love it. It may just be the start of my new tee collection.


I know this is about what I have worn, and I have already said three things but I think LP deserves a mention too. We kicked off her spring wardrobe this week with this gorgeous dress. I know I’m biased but how gorgeous is she?!


The news. Lots and lots of news. Jeremy Clarkson’s been sacked, someone has left a boy band and it’s all overshadowed plane crashes and all the other serious stuff in the world. This week has proven to me that I really don’t need to listen to the news – it just depresses me and makes me wonder what’s happening to society.


This week has been a week of cooking. I have a bit of a routine of batch cooking and freezing in portions so that weeknight dinners are quicker and easier but over the last few weeks we have been running the freezer down ready to start bulk cooking again. So last weekend we started by cooking a huge bolognese sauce. It’s our favourite recipe from the Economy Gastronomy cookbook and takes literally all day to cook but it’s great value and tastes amazing – even more so after being frozen and reheated.


We then cooked another Economy Gastronomy recipe – Cottage Pie. We make the middle in bulk and freeze it so that when we needed it we just have to top it with mash. This is another family favourite and if you don’t have the Economy Gastronomy cookbook it really is a great one to have, so many of our favourite meals are from it and all great value.


Our last batch cook of the week was a huge slow cooker chilli. We have this with rice sometimes but more often than not we’ll have it with homemade nachos. I would eat this every single week if I could.


Not to forget the baking. We made some Easter cupcakes too that had mini eggs on the top and Mini Creme Egg centres. They were a bit too big really but I didn’t hear anyone complaining!


and lastly…

Our passports came back!! I got invited on a blogging trip a couple of weeks ago but the children didn’t have passports and Hubby needed his renewing so it was touch and go whether the passports would be back in time. But they are! YAY! The secret is now out – we’ll be spending a weekend in April on board the new Royal Caribbean cruise ship Anthem of the Seas. I cannot wait – it’s something completely new to us as Hubby and I have never cruised before and we have never contemplated anything like this with the children before either. I’ll be telling you all about it in just a few weeks time!


I hope you all had a lovely week and have a wonderful weekend.


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BarkBeats Easter Giveaway!


We all know how much I love a subscription box and when BarkBeats got in contact I knew I had to do all I could to help promote it. Why? Because BarkBeats is a subscription service just for dogs! Hubby and his parents are huge dog lovers. I wrote before about their Alfie dog and more recently Jasmine who was rescued from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in Windsor to become a much loved part of our extended family. Dogs really are a man’s best friend if they’re treated right and what better way to treat your dog than with their very own parcel every month?

BarkBeats send a box every month tailored to the size of your dog which includes 5 or 6 full size products from premium brands. Each box has a selection of products that could be toys, treats, healthcare or grooming products. BarkBeats also give at least 10% of their profits to animal charities and the boxes cost a maximum of just £14.90 including postage and are even cheaper if you subscribe for a longer term.

easter giveaway

BarkBeats are giving new subscribers £5 off their first box with the code EASTER. The lovely people at BarkBeats have also teamed up with me to give you the chance to win one of three of their boxes. To enter, just complete all three options on the Rafflecopter below and BarkBeats will pick the winners. Good luck!

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Mr Men (15)

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Childs Farm Hand Wash

We have been teaching LP and Little Man the importance of washing their hands for as long as I could remember but up until now we have always used our normal hand wash – not one that was aimed at children or even one that was kind to children’s delicate skin. It was just whatever we were using at the time. I honestly hadn’t given this much thought until Childs Farm sent us their Hand Wash to review.


The Childs Farm Hand Wash has an easy to use pump action bottle that LP has no problems using by herself. The hand wash creates a really good lather and LP loves spending time washing her hands and seeing the bubbles appear. It leaves her hands feeling soft and smelling lovely – as well as being incredibly clean!

We’ve found that LP is happier washing her hands regularly when she has her own special hand wash and with the Childs Farm Hand Wash we have had no complaints from LP at all and hand washing is now a consistent part of our routine with no complaints at all.

The Childs Farm Hand Wash has an RRP of £3.99

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are our own.

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Munchkin Lil’ Apple Plates

LP and Little Man love nothing more than an indoor picnic lunch, relaxing in the lounge after picking LP up from school and eating a lunch of everything and anything. For a while we tried doing Bento style lunches but Little Man isn’t quite at the stage where he can appreciate star shaped sandwiches so we had been looking everywhere for some simple but colourful segmented plates when Munchkin came to the rescue with their Lil’ Apple Plates.


The Lil’ Apple Plates come as a pack of three – one red, one yellow and one green and each one is in the shape of an apple with three different sections for food. These are great for keeping different foods from touching each other if having a proper meal or if you just want to keep things in different places on the plate. I’ve always found with both LP and Little Man that having one normal plate of food never seems as exciting as a plate with sections and they always tend to eat more with plates like this.



The Munchkin Lil’ Apple Plates really do make mealtimes fun and LP and Little Man more often than not clear their plates. LP has even started to notice that ‘Munchkin’ is written on the apple leaf – a little aid for her learning too.

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are out own.

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