The Perfect Cheese Board Addition – Primula!

We love a good cheese board in our house. It’s such a sociable thing, an indulgent thing and a relaxed thing too. Whether it’s just Hubby and I, a family gathering or friends round for a few drinks a well stocked cheese board always goes down nicely and we are always looking for new additions to the traditional spread of cheese and biscuits.

Primula sent us their new range of cheese spread tubs and I knew instantly that they would be a great addition to our typical cheese board. With Cheese and Chilli, Cheese and Onion and Smoked Cheese varieties there is something for everyone. The flavours are just strong enough and the cheese is a really lovely consistency – perfect for spreading.


I’m a huge fan of soft cheeses and don’t think they’re given enough credit when it comes to a cheese board. We had a great time using Primula for an afternoon cheese and biscuits treat and it paired perfectly with our usual caramelised onion relish, grapes and fancy crackers.


Primula have also released a Smoked Salmon Tube for the festive season which features chopped salmon mixed in with Primula cheese – a great mix that would also work well on crackers or in sandwiches.

The whole Primula range is perfect for this time of year. It’s a really versatile and sociable cheese and one we love to have in the fridge for any occasion. If you’re looking for a new addition to your cheese board this Christmas definitely consider a tub of Primula!


Disclosure: We were sent the above products to use in this post however all opinions are my own.

Getting Comfy with Saltrock

I love hoodies and would wear them all the time if I could. Saltrock are one of my favourite brands when it comes to buying hoodies so when they sent me a couple to review I couldn’t wait – there is nothing like the feel of a brand new hoodie!

Saltrock have a great range of hoodies but to add something different to my wardrobe I chose the Saltrock Women’s Ripples Drop Hem Hoodie. The long length makes it perfect to wear with both jeans or leggings and the sizing is generous making it perfect to snuggle in on those colder days.


I love the colour of this hoodie and the nautical feel of the drawstrings on the hood. The inside of the hoodie is super soft and the sleeves are long enough to keep your hands warm too. featuring contrast panels on the side I think it would make a great addition to any wardrobe – and I love having it in mine!


I was also sent the Winter Festival Pop Over Hoodie which is more a traditional hoodie style with a really good size pocket on the front. This hoodie is really thick and warm as well as being a generous fit and really comfy. You just can’t go wrong with a good hoodie and I love the Saltrock design on this one.

At this time of year it’s great to have clothes that you can layer up and down and I find hoodies are perfect for that from autumn through to spring and even on the colder evenings in the summer too. My new hoodies are comfortable, easy to wear and great examples of what the Saltrock range has to offer.

The Ripples Drop Hem Hoodie has an RRP of £44.99 and the Winter Festival Pop Over Hoodie has an RRP of £39.99 although all Saltrock products are on offer at the moment.


Disclosure: I was sent the above products for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

Our December Box {2015}

We started a tradition last year of putting together a December box. It was somewhere to keep together all the Christmas books, movies and music as well as other Christmas related things that we only really wanted around through the festive period.


This year our Christmas stash has grown and we now have quite a good supply of Christmas movies, many Christmas books and an ever expanding collection of Christmas music. The children love this time of year and getting the Christmas goodies out definitely marks the start of the Christmas period.

A December box wouldn’t be complete without advent calendars and the children have been slightly spoilt with them this year as we have homemade ones that we hang each year but when I saw the Thomas one in Poundland I knew Little Man would love it – and so I got his sister one too.

So we are now all set for December which will have a Christmas soundtrack, Christmas cuddly toys and many lazy afternoons watching Christmas movies. I absolutely love this time of year!

Bissell PowerGlide Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Hubby and I have had the same trusty vacuum cleaner for our whole married life and it hasn’t been working as well as it should for a while now so when Bissell offered to send us their new PowerGlide Cordless Vacuum Cleaner I was beyond excited. Yes, I am that person that gets excited over vacuum cleaners.

You see, I don’t really hoover in our house. That’s one of Hubby’s jobs. Why? Because the vacuum is heavy, the lead gets in the way and it’s just not the easiest job in the world. So when the PowerGlide arrived yes, I was excited!

The Bissell PowerGlide came in the smallest vacuum box I have ever seen and took no time at all to put together. When ready to use the Bissell PowerGlide looks quite streamlined and compact – it’s quite small compared to other upright vacuum cleaners.


The battery comes out to charge and takes two hours – which gives enough charge to last for 45 minutes use. Before it arrived I didn’t think that 45 minutes was very long but when you’re doing solid hoovering, and turning it off to move furniture etc 45 minutes is actually quite a long time – way more than we need for one vacuuming session.


We first used the PowerGlide as a standard vacuum – on our rugs in the lounge and in the hallway upstairs. It has great suction and the rotating brushes really help to get everything up off your carpet. You can also turn the brushes off for hard floors although we didn’t find it worked as well on our wood and lino floors downstairs as it does on carpet.


The PowerGlide can then be detached from the base to give a lift off canister that you can take around your home – or out to the car – and using the hose attachment you can easily vacuum everything from skirting boards to curtain rails and all those nooks and crannies that a conventional vacuum can’t reach.


The Bissell PowerGlide comes with an extra attachment with a nozzle and also a brush end that can be added when using the hose attachment. We found that the hose as a whole works best without the attachment – and this gives the best suction. As soon as the nozzle or brush ends are added the suction levels do decrease.


We’ve used the PowerGlide to vacuum everything in our house and have cleaned the car too. It’s great to have a lightweight vacuum cleaner without a cord, making it incredible versatile. The hose attachment is great for using down the sides of car seats and in all those hard to reach places but we don’t often add the attachment any more as the suction is disappointing. We also don’t often remove the canister from the vacuum base as we find it just as easy to move the whole vacuum from place to place – and then at least we can put it down, whereas the canister doesn’t stand upright on it’s own.

Overall the Bissell PowerGlide has it’s place in our home. I don’t think it is as powerful as the ‘animal’ vacuum cleaners we are used to and anyone without pets would love this vacuum cleaner. It’s lightweight, easy to steer and takes up hardly any room at all. A great investment for a family home although I wish the attachment was better.

The Bissell PowerGlide has an RRP of £249.99


Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

Living Arrows – 48/52

Hubby and I went away this weekend and because of that we have no real Living Arrows photos this week so instead I am using two that I took for a review.

This week has been full of school, work and not much else but it has been a week where we have spent time together, got things done – and put the Christmas tree up!

Here are LP and Little Man, being them – just wearing new clothes. PJs in Little Man’s case and a ‘Princess Dress’ for LP – her words, not mine!

IMG_2080 IMG_2115

Have a lovely week everyone!

Living Arrows