Perfect Holidays and Family Time #MarkWarnerMum

If you’d asked me before children what my perfect holiday would be – it would be simple. It would be somewhere in the sun, where we didn’t have to cook, where we could relax and lay on the beach together.


It would be somewhere we could go exploring, adventuring and seeing all the country had to offer. It would be somewhere we could be a bit crazy, try something new – jump out of a plane or climb a mountain whilst experience as much of the country’s culture and history as possible.


It would be somewhere different, somewhere fun and somewhere interesting – with things to learn. Somewhere we could experience as much as possible, pack as much into the holiday as we could and have down time by the pool too. It would be a holiday we would never forget.


Now that we have children our perfect holiday is so different in so many ways – but pretty similar too. It would be somewhere in the sun, where we don’t have to cook, where we could relax and lay on the beach together.

A Day at the Seaside - Worthing

It would be somewhere that we could explore, go on an adventure and see the country. Somewhere we could try something new, eat new food and do new things – learn to sail together, go on a family bike ride or build sandcastles on foreign sands for the first time.


It would be somewhere new, somewhere fun and somewhere we could have quality time as a family. Somewhere we could play together, swim together and make memories together.

Siblings {October 2014}

It would be somewhere the children could stay up late, experience a kids club and make new friends. It would be their first time on a plane and their first time abroad. It would be somewhere they would remember forever – and look back at the photographs fondly too.


For us, the perfect holiday would be somewhere we could watch our children having fun, enjoying themselves and experiencing new things. It would be somewhere the children could spend quality time together and somewhere that Hubby and I could have time together too. Brunch whilst the children are in the kids club, enjoying activities together and then having cocktails on the veranda in the evening.

Me & You {September 2014}

It would be somewhere we could be a family. Somewhere we could spend quality time together, where we could eat together, laugh together and just be together. It would be a holiday to introduce the children to how amazing holidays can be, how beautiful the world is and how great it is to spend time with those closest to you.

Living Arrows - 23/52

Our perfect holiday may have changed since having children but it’s still the same really too. Our perfect holiday is somewhere we can be together, having fun, relaxing and making memories.


Disclosure: This is my entry into the Mark Warner Holidays’ Family Ambassador search for 2016 in the Fab Photographer category. Find out more here.

Review: Valentines and Mothers Day Crafts with Baker Ross

We love doing crafts in the afternoons now – they’re the perfect way to wind down after LP has come home from school and Little Man is at an age where he can really get involved too. We always love doing seasonal crafts and have had fun creating things with Valentines Day and Mothers Day in mind.

We love Baker Ross as many of their crafts come in kits that contain everything you need to create something beautiful. LP and Little Man loved making lanterns and only needed minimal adult help to put the finished lantern together at the end.


They loved pushing through all the shapes in the side of the lanterns and really enjoyed sticking tissue paper down too. A really great craft for their ages and lovely finished lanterns too.


Another activity the children loved was decorating wooden hanging hearts. They first drew around their heart on a foam sheet which I cut out for them before we stuck one to each side of the heart. They then decorated their heart in stickers.



LP loved this activity but Little Man struggled to stick his stickers on as they were quite little – next time I’ll get bigger stickers just for him.


One thing the children were a bit little for was the bead flower shapes but this is something I loved as a child and decided to have a go at myself. Putting beads onto the special frame was quite relaxing and it still feels like magic when you iron the beads and they all stick together, creating a piece of colourful artwork that can be kept and displayed or even used as a coaster. LP has insisted on keeping her new flower next to her bed.


The last craft that we did, and easily the children’s favourite, was making wall art from some Baker Ross frames. We simply got LP and Little Man to make hand prints with paint and they now have their very own personalised canvas style prints in their rooms. I love them and think we’ll recreate them every year or so.


baker Ross really do have crafts that are perfect for any time of year and we have loved getting into the spirit of Valentines, Mothers Day and spring with the help of Baker Ross.

Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

Reading, Dinosaurs and Dodgy Necks #LittleLoves

This week has been spent mainly with me trying to keep my head as still as possible – I slept funny last Sunday and since then my neck has gone into spasm and I am now on prescription painkillers until it gets better – hopefully by Monday. Even with an iffy neck there have still been a few things I have loved this week.


I actually read one of my Galaxy Quick Reads this week – Too Good To Be True – which was a really good read. They’re the sort of books you can read in a day or two and I love how you can really get into a story so quickly.

I have also been ploughing on with the first Harry Potter book and am about half way through. I had forgotten how enjoyable they are to read and how drawn into the world of Harry Potter you become. I can’t wait to work my way through the series.

As usual I’ve read some lovely blog posts this week and the one that sticks in my mind most is Laura’s post about friends you have never met. She mentioned a picnic we had literally years ago, where not just bloggers but other people from Twitter all met up and had a lovely afternoon. It’s a post I can really relate to – as the majority of my friends I met online – and it has made me think about organising another blogger picnic!

Blind Frates & Friends You’ve Never Met Before


Hubby and I watched Jurassic World a few nights ago and I actually really enjoyed it – considering the last time I watched a Jurassic Park movie was when the first one came out at the cinema and I spent the whole time hiding in my Dad’s shoulder – I was only ten at the time and still have flashbacks!

But, although it was a great movie, how can one of the lead characters spend the whole movie running away from dinosaurs whilst wearing high heels? So ridiculous. Can you imagine Lara Croft wearing high heels? No. Exactly.


This week I’ve had You Got A Friend In Me from Toy Story in my head. It’s one of my favourite Disney songs and always makes me well up just a little bit.


This week I have pretty much stayed in my jogging bottoms or PJs as much as possible. Some times it’s the only thing that will do.


Last weekend I made hand print canvases with the kids. We don’t paint very often – because of the mess – but the kids love it and I should really do it more.


and lastly…

This weekend is going to be a very quiet one with limited plans due to my dodgy neck but have fun whatever you get up to.


Tech21 Impact Snap MacBook Case Review and Giveaway

As a Blogger my Macbook comes everywhere with me. It was my best investment as far as blogging is concerned and I have been looking for a protective case for it for quite a while – anything to make sure that investment lasts and my Macbook doesn’t get broken on one of my many bloggy excursions.

Tech21 got in contact to introduce me to their great range of protective phone and tablet accessories and I was pleased to see they also had Macbook and Laptop cases too. A one stop shop for all your gadget protection needs!

After browsing their website Tech21 sent me their Impact Snap Case for my 13″ Macbook Pro with Retina Display. The case came in three great colours and I chose the purple – my favourite colour so an easy choice.




The Impact Snap Case was easy to fit – literally clicking into place – and it made my Macbook feel so much more robust and protected immediately. I can now pop it in my bag for any outing without fear of it getting damaged. TheFlexShock™ impact material absorbs, dissipates and repels force on impact so my Macbook is now safe whether it’s dropped or hit with something – great peace of mind with young children around.



I love that the Impact Snap Case has a slightly rubbery, matt texture to it and is completely non slip so that whether my Macbook is on my lap or a table it stays firmly in position. It also looks great and still lets the Apple logo shine through.



I have teamed up with Tech21 to give away a laptop or tablet cover to one lucky reader. If you would like your chance to win one of Tech21’s fantastic products just complete one or more entries on the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

The Tech21 Impact Snap Case has an RRP of £59.95

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Mr Men (1)
Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

What’s the Point in Moaning?

At the end of last year I started to reflect on how I spent my time. I don’t mean the school run, working, blogging and housework. I mean the frame of mind that I was in, whether I felt positive, negative, happy or sad. I realised just before the New Year that I would spend time moaning about things and getting wound up about things that either didn’t effect me or that I just couldn’t change.

I think stereotypically British people moan a lot. It’s a way of life, a habit and a pastime. It’s something we do almost subconsciously, without even really realising we are doing it – just moaning for moanings sake.

But as well as writing a Bucket List at the start of the year I decided to make a change. I decided to let things go over my head, not to moan about things generally and only to spend any time thinking about things that were negative if I could in some way possibly change them.

Do you find yourself moaning? I remember at the end of last year moaning that the weather was bad, that London was too busy, that the traffic was bad… The list goes on. I can’t change these things – no-one can – so why bother wasting our energy moaning about them?

Then there are things that I moaned about that could have been fixed in some way – slow service in a restaurant, no-one making a cup of tea at work, so much washing that needed doing and the car needing to be filled with petrol.

All these things I remember getting frustrated at and having a little huff and puff over them. But now looking back these things make me smile. Because this year things are going to change.

If I get bad service in a restaurant I’ll be motioning to a waiter, I will be complaining politely and that service will have to improve. If no-one makes a cup of tea I’ll go and make one myself – for everyone. If our washing is piling up at home I’ll make an effort to put a load on every day and if the car needs filling with petrol I’ll just leave home ten minutes earlier to fill it up.

We all get wrapped up in the little negatives in life, in the things we can’t change and the things that get under our skin for no reason at all. Does it really matter if childless people park in the parent and child spaces? You know there’s going to be a queue in the post office, is there any point in thinking stabby thoughts whilst you stand in the queue? The weather’s pants, we know that. It’s cold and dark and miserable – we know that too.

So next time you have moany thoughts about things that you can’t change or things that just don’t effect you, smile and move on. It doesn’t effect you. You can’t change it. So what’s the point in wasting energy on it?

Since I have started letting things go over my head, and not worrying about too much at all I am so much happier and so less weighted down by the minor things in everyday life. It’s so nice to think about the good in every day, focus on the positives and even spend the time I used to be moaning helping someone else instead.

So, really, what’s the point in moaning?