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A few years ago Dave and I did something completely out of our comfort zones – We went zorbing. The voucher was bought for us as a gift from friends and it was an experience we will never forget!


What is Zorbing?

For those of you who don’t know what Zorbing is, you basically get inside a giant inflatable hamster ball, strap yourself to the side and you’re then pushed down a huge hill! Dave and I were in the same zorb, attached to opposite sides and we had cameras on our heads to film the experience.

It was a very windy day and we had to walk across the downs near Brighton to find the spot where we would start our experience. I remember waiting around, listening to music and watching the other idiots people roll down the hill. We seemed to stand there for ages before it was our turn.

What happens when you go Zorbing?

We walked over to this huge ball and had to dive through a hole in the side. Once we were strapped in we had the option of throwing some water in too – Hydro Zorbing – but we declined! Before we knew it the ball was moving and we were rolling down the hill, gaining speed and momentum as the seconds went by.

I remember the ball bouncing. Banging against the floor and then going up into the air briefly before crashing down again. Bang. Bang. Bang. Dave and I were both swearing, screaming and willing it to be over. Bang. Bang. Bang.

Before we knew it our experience was over. We were at the bottom of a hill and we were both glad to dive back through that hole and feel our feet on the ground. Zorbing was definitely an experience but probably not something we would do again in a hurry!

Here are a couple of videos but please be aware they do contain swear words!

Our Zorbing Experience

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