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If you live in areas where weather consistently drops below 7°C and the roads are almost covered in snow, then it’s a no brainer why investing in a pair of winter tyres is important for one’s safety. Below we discuss some reasons that will give you a perspective regarding this importance.

Reason to switch to winter tyres 

The reason why you should switch from summer tyres to winter tyres is simple, summer tyres are designed in a way to have the best grip in mild weather and they comprise of such tread patterns that are not designed to grapple with packed snow or ice. On the other hand, winter tyres are made up of different rubber compounds and tread patterns that perform best when driving on slick roads and extremely cold weather conditions.

Some benefits of using winter tyres 

Snow is not the only thing to consider, rather there are some other factors like ice, slush, and cold temperatures. Winter tyres are optimized to cope with these factors and remain pliable in cold temperatures.

The winter tyres’ greater grip and traction make the vehicle more stable. Its ability to stop and start on snow and ice which leads to less likelihood of aquaplaning makes winter tyres more attractive. Moreover, winter tyres include grooves that are deeper and wider, creating a greater channel for snow and water to move through, allowing the car to grip the slick road.

Law regarding winter tyres

In the UK, there is no mandatory law regarding winter tyres, which means it is your call to install them or not. However, in some European countries like Germany, Sweden and Austria, there is a strict law to carry snow chains and have winter tyres installed in your vehicle. So, if you are thinking of travelling to Europe through a road trip and expecting to travel great distance, then make sure to check the legal requirements of that country beforehand.

Long run investment on winter tyres 

Purchasing a second set of wheels may cost you more money upfront, but you will ultimately save money. Consider this as a long-term as you can use the same winter tyres over multiple years by switching back to summer tyres in summers, then reusing them again when the temperature falls. Finally, winters are just around the corner; get yourself a pair of new tyres this winter. Visit Dartford Tyres and avail discounted prices today! 

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