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A lot of women struggle to have a positive relationship with their bodies in modern society. This is mainly because you have so many things out there telling you what to do and how to look. For me, the biggest problem is that most of this stuff is a load of rubbish. People will tell you not to do things because it will transform the way you look. 

One of those things is lifting weights – women have long been discouraged because it might make them look too muscly or bulky. Realistically, all women should start lifting weights as soon as possible. It won’t make you look incredibly bulky as we simply do not possess the hormones to build muscle like men. But, it can help in a multitude of ways…

Improve your strength

Do normal tasks sometimes feel difficult to you? Stuff like carrying your suitcases on holiday or walking around with shopping bags? If you have kids, lifting them up can feel like a chore, as can pushing them around in their buggy. 

You can make all of these tasks easier if you lift weights. Build strength throughout your body and every daily task become simpler. You’ll be amazed at how dramatically this can improve your life!

Lose weight

If you want to lose weight, you typically look at lots of tough cardio routines that aren’t fun at all. In reality, you can lose more weight by lifting weights! It’s true, and it all comes down to your muscles. Muscles require energy to fuel, so strengthening your muscles will mean your body naturally consumes more energy every day. 

Plus, when you lift weights, your body has to work harder to fuel the muscles you’re targeting. If you did a workout that targeted the biggest muscle in the body – your gluteus maximus – you’ll be surprised at how many calories you could burn. 

Enhance your health

Lastly, lifting weights can improve your overall health. There have been countless links between those who regularly engage in weight training and a decreased risk of things like heart disease and other cardiovascular problems. 

Moreover, some very recent news came out that suggested people who lift weights can live longer. New research linked a longer life with those that lift weights on a regular basis because it helped to improve strength and reduce the risk of many common illnesses. So, if you want a better quality of life when you’re older, it makes sense to start lifting weights now.

I think a lot of women shy away from this type of thing because we’ve been conditioned to do so. Weightlifting has always been a male-dominated area, but that doesn’t mean we can’t lift weights too. If you’re worried about getting super big and muscly, don’t! We do not make as much testosterone as the average man, preventing us from getting huge like them. Instead, you’re likely to feel better about your appearance, feel stronger every day, lose more weight and improve your health. So, perhaps it’s time you kickstarted your weight training journey today?

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