A Two Year Old Teenager {The Ordinary Moments}

For the first 15 months of her life, LP wasn’t the best at sleeping. She had only slept through a handful of times and was up by about 7:30 every day – Admittedly later than a lot of babies! Since then LP has really learnt to love her sleep and we are at the point now where she will happily sleep until 9:30am or even later every day of the week.

LP doesn’t go to bed late – 7:30ish but often asleep by 8pm although she no longer naps in the afternoon. Naps were a battle for a long time and even though we’d put her upstairs in the afternoons she would only ever sleep once or twice a week. It was a lot of effort on our part and all we would end up with was a grouchy LP when we went to get her, so we stopped LP’s afternoon nap after our recent trip to Cornwall.

Our mornings are often lazy, Little Man and I lounging around, playing (him) and blogging (me) until LP decides to wake up. On days where we have plans in the morning I will have to go and wake LP up, it isn’t pleasant and we end up with a very moody two year old. LP loves her bed and has even been known to roll over and stick her pillow over her head if she isn’t ready to get up yet!


We all love an easy life and so we tend to work to LP’s schedule. In September LP will be going to nursery and will need to be at nursery for earlier than the time she even gets up at the moment. That will definitely be a shock to her system (and mine!) but one that she will get used to with time. I want LP, and us, to make the most of the lazy mornings whilst we can, to not have to rush around and to have a lay in as often as possible!

I can already see my teenage LP, sleeping all day and only appearing from her room to be fed! LP at 2 and a half, already acting in ways like a teenager.



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  1. Aw, bless her! We’re really lucky that Toby often sleeps until 9am too. I think he takes after me – I love my bed too. It’s going to be a shock to his system (and mine!) when I go back to work and we have to get him up to go to nursery!

  2. hahah I love that you can see the teenager in her already too cute. She is so precious. I often wonder what my two will be like. I remember my brother use to sleep all day all the time hahah I was an early riser my whole life. Still am really. Glad you are getting some zzz’s now. Lovely post. Cute photos. #ordinarymoments

  3. Wow, she does love her sleep huh! I’m jealous! As I sit here watching a bouncing toddler in her cot {she was crying and pointing to door which means “I want to nap now Mum!”} clearly she was bluffing, lol! LP needs to come over and teach my troops about loving to sleep! haha. Great post. x #ordinarymoments

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