Hiding {The Ordinary Moments}

LP has started doing something recently that we find incredibly cute. She seems to think that if her eyes are closed  and she can’t see us that we can’t see her either. She ‘hides’ like this often – Usually if we’ve told her off or if we’re asking her to do something that she doesn’t want to do.

We’ll turn around to find LP sitting on the floor with her eyes scrunched up tight, sometimes with her hands over her face too or even laying in a ball on the floor so her whole face is covered! There are lots of ways that LP hides.

Hiding {The Ordinary Moments}

I’ll be cooking dinner and trying to get the children sorted and ready to eat. I’ll ask LP to tidy her toys before dinner and will turn around to find her eyes scrunched shut! On the occasions that LP is naughty and needs telling off I’ll tell her to stop doing something or tell her to do something and the next thing I know she’ll have plonked herself on the floor with her eyes closed and a stroppy look on her face!

Hiding {The Ordinary Moments}

LP hiding is such a new side to her personality and it’s one that in time will probably frustrate me – A sign of her not doing as she’s told and rebelling, but for now I’m loving how she’s learnt something new, found a new way to express herself and looks so cute when she does it too – Dave and I have to try hard not to laugh when we see her scrunched up eyes and covered face!

Hiding {The Ordinary Moments}


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