Getting Up {The Ordinary Moments}

Our Little Pickle has been in her Big Girl bedroom, and in a single bed for well over a year now. She moved straight from her cot into a single bed with a bed guard at 21 months soon after her brother arrived. The transition was really smooth and since then she had not got out of bed by herself – in the mornings she would wake up and chat to herself, playing with her cuddly toys and laying in bed until we went in to get her.

This was a bit of a routine – She would even hide under the covers when we came in or plough her head under her pillow if she was still tired. It wasn’t even that she couldn’t get out of bed – she gets into bed fine with the help of two little steps, she just never needed to get out of bed by herself so didn’t.

This all changed a couple of months ago. I was laying in bed with Little Man, having a morning cuddle. Dave was at work and I heard a floorboard creak and a metallic scrape. I literally jumped out of my skin. My heart was pounding and I didn’t know what to do. I thought we were being burgled, Dave wasn’t there to save us and I had a sleeping baby next to me in the bed. I slowly edged out of bed, putting a pillow next to Little Man to stop him falling off the bed but part of me was thinking that if we were being burgled him falling out of bed was the least of my worries! I then crept to the bedroom door and peered out at the hallway.


LP was standing there, behind her baby gate, beaming a huge smile at me, so pleased with herself that she’d got out of bed and found Mummy. I almost had a heart attack at this unexpected mini intruder being there but was also incredibly relieved that we weren’t in fact being burgled.

Since that morning LP has started to get out of bed and greet us at her baby gate more and more often, sometimes calling “Mummy, Daddy, my awake!!!” until we go and get her. Some days though, if she’s tired or just feeling a bit lazy she will stay in bed and chat like she used to.

Getting Up {The Ordinary Moments}

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  1. Aww, LP is so cute! I think you’re probably lucky it took so long for her to work out how to get out of bed, I have a feeling that Toby is going to be one of those babies who tries to escape as soon as he has the chance!


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