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This week is Allergy Awareness Week and I was asked by Time4Sleep to share my top tips on how to spring clean to help fight allergies. We’re lucky that LP and Little Man don’t really seem to suffer with the common skin irritations of childhood and the only real allergy in our family is Dave’s hayfever!

We do still like to try and reduce the amount of dust around the house and with two cats we try and get rid of their moulted fur as quickly as we can – especially at this time of year when it’s at it’s peak! So here are my top tips for spring cleaning to reduce household allergens:

  • Dust, dust, dust! – Over the course of spring we dust the places that don’t get cleaned as often – tops of door frames, behind wardrobes, all the hidden skirting and on top of the kitchen cupboards! Do it regularly to keep it dust free – not doing it very often will just get the air full of dust particles.
  • Clean – It goes without saying that to really fight allergies you need a clean house and so we give the house a full clean every week and are constantly wiping down the sides and mopping floors in between too. We swear by Zoflora and have found so many uses for Zoflora over the years.
  • Air Purifiers – We use an air purifier to reduce the particles in the air which helps with Dave’s hay fever as well as the general freshness of the air around us.
  • Open Windows – Throw the windows open and let all the spring air in. Getting the air to circulate naturally and letting the allergens out of the house is an easy way to fight the risk of allergies but make sure that you keep the windows closed when the pollen count is high!
  • Vacuum – Take the opportunity to move furniture and vacuum as thoroughly as possible. We have a vacuum that is specifically designed for use in homes with pets to get as much of their hair and other particles from the carpets.
  • Wash Curtains and Blinds – Curtains and blinds are often forgotten about in the weekly cleaning so taking them all down a couple of times a year for a good wash can really reduce the amount of particles in your home.

What would be your top tips for reducing allergens in your home?

Spring Cleaning for Allergy Awareness Week


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