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Any regular reader will know what a big part cooking plays in our family life. We cook from scratch a lot and the children are always in the kitchen with me – chatting to me whilst I’m preparing dinner, helping me wash the vegetables and doing as much mixing, sieving and stirring as they possibly can.

But new research by environmental charity Hubbub and Unilever has revealed that essential cooking skills are at risk of being lost as, on the whole, children aren’t being given the time or opportunity to cook with their family.

In the survey of 1000 mums and dads, eight out of ten parents wish they had more time to teach their children to cook and over half were concerned that their children won’t have the skills needed to cook a meal for themselves when they grow up.

Passing on Cooking Skills to Future Generations #CookSomethingGrand

I can completely understand this. We have such busy lives and with work, school, after school clubs and everything else it can be hard to find the time to cook let alone take the time to pass those cooking skills down to the children. Because of this research, and in a bid to boost those fading culinary skills, Unilever and Hubbub are calling on households this Grandparents Day, Sunday 2nd October, to get together to cook their favourite family recipes.

Passing on Cooking Skills to Future Generations #CookSomethingGrand

With six in ten parents admitting to never cooking a meal from scratch with their children and only one in ten being able to do this more than once a week, the occasion is a great opportunity to bring families closer together and also pass on traditional recipes and cooking skills.

I know, from experience, that grandparents have such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to cooking and often do things by hand that we now use machines to do – like making cakes by hand instead of using a mixer. It’s so nice to watch the older generations cook and to learn from them and I know that LP and Little Man have learnt a lot about cooking from both their grandparents and Dave and I since they were old enough to show an interest in the kitchen.

On 2nd October we’ll be using some of Hubbub’s child friendly recipes to spend some time in the kitchen, having fun cooking as a family and hopefully teaching the children a bit more too! Check out #CookSomethingGrand and get into the kitchen with your children – or grandchildren – too!

Don’t forget to join the conversation using the #CookSomethingGrand hashtag over on social media but most importantly, have fun! I can’t wait to see what things you cook together.

Passing on Cooking Skills to Future Generations


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