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Aldi Ambiano Nutrient Blender Review

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I was quite excited to receive the Aldi Ambiano Nutrient Blender to review and couldn’t wait to get started, making smoothies for our new healthier lifestyle this year. I couldn’t wait for it to have pride of place in our kitchen and it looks so much like the electric Magic Bullet blenders from NutriBullet.

Aldi Ambiano Nutrient Blender in the Box
Aldi Ambiano Nutrient Blender in the Box

What were our first impressions of the Ambiano Nutrient Blender?

The Ambiano Professional Nutrition Blender comes with three different sized jugs to use on it. It also has two different blades – one for blending and one for grinding. It also comes with lids so you can store your drinks in the fridge and lids with drinking spouts so you can take them with you to enjoy on the go.

Aldi Ambiano Nutrient Blender box contents
Everything that comes with the Aldi Ambiano Nutrient Blender

How do you use the Aldi Ambiano Blender?

The Aldi Ambiano professional blender is simple to use – so much easier than a food processor with a blender attachment. You add ingredients like frozen fruit and fruit juice to the jug, attach the blade and then put the whole thing on top of the motor unit.

But, the Aldi Rocket Blender doesn’t have an on/off button. Instead you push the jug down and secure it into place and it turns on automatically. You then turn it back to un-secure it to turn it off again.

Aldi Ambiano Nutrient Blender being used
Aldi Ambiano Nutrient Blender in use

This, in theory is great but in practice it’s a little tricky to secure and then undo. It’s fine, however, if you don’t secure it and just push it down. Making sure you let go when you want to stop the blender. It means that it doesn’t have different speed settings. It has just one speed but with the two different blades to get different results.

Aldi Ambiano Nutrient Blender being used to make a green smoothie
Aldi Ambiano Nutrient Blender making a green smoothie

The ambiano blender works well. The grinder blade really helps to grind down nuts, seeds and other harder bits of the smoothies we’ve been making. It is easy to use and the finished drinks are lovely. It can be used for anything from milkshakes to smoothies and protein powder shakes.

I’m sure we’ll be using it a lot in the future. I just wish there was a speed setting. This Aldi blender isn’t a Vitamix, Nutri Ninja or Nutribullet professional nutrition blender and it probably isn’t top of all the blenders and smoothie makers on the market. But it’s a great choice for the price and a lovely addition to our home.

Aldi Ambiano Nutrient Blender smoothie making
Making a smoothie in the Aldi Ambiano Nutrient Blender

Where can you get spare Aldi Ambiano Blender parts?

I’ve had a few emails asking me where you can get spare Ambiano parts for this Aldi Blender set – especially Ambiano blender cups and new blades. I haven’t been able to find anywhere to buy spares but you could keep trying eSpares or BuySpares who both stock spare parts for Aldi products.

Aldi has definitely become a brand we can trust, all their products are great value and well made and I love their in store baby events every year too plus the special buys that are released all the time. We’ve also reviewed their omelette maker and churro maker if you’d like to take a look and I hope you’ve found this Ambiano blender review useful.

The Ambiano Nutrient Blender has an RRP of £19.99 and you can find some Ambiano blender recipes here. It would make a great Christmas gift. Aldi also now has a Portable Blender that looks great for only £9.99 too.

Aldi Ambiano Nutrient Blender travel lid
Using the Aldi Ambiano Nutrient Blender travel cup


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  1. Thanks for explaining how to use this blender. Just bought it, and don’t know if some instructions were missing, but there was nothing in the user manual that actually explained how to attach the (filled) cup to the motor! For 30 bucks, looks like it’s a good buy.

  2. Some while ago, we had misplaced our NutriBullet (bought for our children, who absolutely love milkshakes, and smoothies), and were going to invest in another. Finances, though, had become anorexic, and we had to be careful as to how we were spending. But I was in Aldi’s, and happened to see a particular week’s sales offerings, and tne one item which really caught my eye was the Ambiano Professional Nutrition Blender. At just $29.95 I wondered about the quality of the unit. But, Aldi’s have never hiccuped on the very few times tht I’ve had to return something, so I decided to take a chance.

    And I am glad that I did.

    I found this blender to be just as nicely manufactured as the NutriBullet. It doesn’t fall, in any way, short of what the NB is capable of, and we have absolutely NO issue with it. the 2yr warranty (i had expected to be more like 90 days, due to the unit’s shallow pricing) is also something which adds to peace of mind.

    We just recently found our NB, but have no regrets about being here with, now, TWO very similar devices. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with having a spare :).

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