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I have started packing for our summer holiday and, in all honesty, I am counting down the days. I am so looking forward to the children finishing school for the summer, getting on a flight and having two weeks in the sun with my favourite people.

But, packing and travelling can be so full of hiccups that I start preparing for our holidays weeks in advance. I have to organise our luggage and what to take with us, hand luggage, how to get to the airport, who’s going to look after the cat and an outline of our plans whilst we’re away too. I’m exhausted just thinking about.

Preparing for our Summer Holiday with Tempur's Travel Tips

But, to make the preparations easier Tempur sent me their Tempur travel pillow and sleep mask which are now very firmly in my hand luggage! I have never known a pillow so comfortable or a sleep mask that actually works and stay in place but these are the perfect addition to any flight – and I’ll be using them whilst I’m away too. It’s so hard to sleep somewhere new or to just relax on a flight so I know these will be much needed on our travels.

As well as taking Tempur’s travel essentials with us I am following some of my own advice on our travels this year and making sure that we:

  • travel during sociable hours. Getting up at a normal time, flying short haul during waking hours and having meals at their normal times. This really helps keep your mind and body in the right place whilst travelling.
  • fly overnight for long haul flights. It’s so much easier to pass time on a long flight when you can sleep – and so flying when you’re naturally tired really helps – and stops you feeling exhausted when you get to your destination.
  • take plenty of snacks for the journey. We either take small snacks with us in hand luggage or stock up on snacks at the airport to take on the flight. We also grab soft drinks and a bottle of water so that we don’t have to rely on the in-flight service and always have refreshments to hand.
  • take things to do. I always pack a book and pick up a couple of magazines at the airport. I also fill the children’s backpacks with little activities, their tablet computers and a couple of magazines to keep them happy and entertained too.
  • book as much as possible before we leave. I like to make sure that airport parking, transfers and baggage are all taken care of before we even leave for the airport. Having things booked takes the stress and worry out of travelling.

But, apart from that we are going to go on an adventure, see somewhere new and immerse ourselves in holiday life for a couple of weeks. I cannot wait.

At the moment you can take part in the Tempur Challenge! Until 7th August you can go into a store, test out Tempur mattresses and have the chance to win a Tempur travel pillow of your own. You can find out more information here.

What would be your top travel tips? I’d love all your advice as we head off on our travels this summer.

Preparing for our Summer Holiday with Tempur's Travel Tips


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  1. I have the Tempur sleep mask and it is utter perfection – the way it has that little inner pocket for your eyes that allow you to blink when wearing it? Genius! I couldn’t be without mine. x

  2. We have planned for a family trip. I have 2 kids, they are 2yeras & 3years old each. We are soo excited about it. This article helped me a lot to prepare our trip at the right time to make our journey fun. Thanks for this post!

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