Playing With Stones {The Ordinary Moments}

Ever since LP started exploring she has loved playing with stones in our garden. She’d pick them up, put them down, pick them up again, drop them, put them in something, take them out of something. LP’s fascination with stones started last summer and this summer her love of stones has gone to a whole new level.

LP will fill pots with stones, fill buckets with stones and move the stones from one place to another around the garden. LP loves being outside and playing with stones is one game that she always comes back to. Every day that we’re outside I can guarantee that LP will be drawn to those stones!

Playing With Stones {The Ordinary Moments}

It’s got to the point where the stone borders in our garden are looking a bit bare, where LP has piled the stones up somewhere else and hidden huge quantities in our watering can. Even though the garden isn’t in the same state that it once was it’s lovely that LP is so easily amused and happy to play with anything – Even stones.

Playing With Stones {The Ordinary Moments}

Watching LP play you can see the level of concentration on her face, the determination to put the stones exactly where she wants them. When she is in this frame of mine, in the playing with stones ‘zone’, there is no distracting her – She is entirely focused on those little stones!

Playing With Stones {The Ordinary Moments}

Every so often though LP will find a stone that she doesn’t like – One’s that I’ve added over the years from holidays, trips to the beach and days out. She’ll notice that the stone is different to the others and she’ll exclaim “Don’t want it!!” and usually throw it into the kitchen! I’ll then put it back later in the day only for LP to find it again and our game continues – She may not want a stone from Newquay beach in the garden but I do!

My easily pleased LP and her stones.


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  1. Both my kids absolutely love playing with the stones in our back yard. Must be a great kids thing to do as I remember doing it myself on the river at my parents house. Lovely photos hunny. Kids are getting big fast! #ordinarymoments

  2. What is it with toddlers and stones?! My little boy is just fascinated by them too. Sometimes it’s a pain if we’re in a place where the paths or borders have been treated with weed killer, but otherwise I think it’s really cute. I love the concentration on LP’s face – just like my son she knows EXACTLY were she wants them!

  3. How wonderful! My little girl has an obsession with watering the garden at the moment 🙂 I love that LP doesn’t want the ‘different’ stones, they are so funny at this age, aren’t they?! And so particular 🙂 Oh, I love her hat!

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