Morning Cuddles and TV Watching {The Ordinary Moments}

There are a few moments in our day to day lives that I look forward to, that I savour and that I hope can last forever. One of those moments is the rare occasions I get to watch TV in bed with LP and Little Man in the mornings.

On weekdays we have the school run and I am often at work as well. I also work Saturdays and Sundays we will more often than not have plans and so have to be up and dressed early. Sometimes though, during school holidays mostly, there are times when we don’t have to rush in the morning and where we can spend half an hour or so watching cartoons in bed.

LP and Little Man have both been good sleepers since they started sleeping through the night – which wasn’t until they were both around fifteen months old. Since then, if left to wake up naturally, they have woken up at 7:30 or 8am and sometimes later. On a school day we have to wake the children up but on other days we will often be woken up by LP coming into our room, usually trailing her dressing gown and cuddly toys behind her.

We’ll have sleepy cuddles in bed until Little Man wakes up and hen I’ll go and get him, bringing him into our bed for cuddles too. They both get bored of cuddles quite quickly but are happy to stay in bed and snuggle whilst they watch cartoons.

This snuggly time doesn’t happen often – I think more so for Dave than me as he’ll often have the Saturday morning cuddles whilst I get ready for work, but when I get to spend time in bed with LP and Little Man they are moments that I love. Feeling them both warm next to me, in their PJs and with messy bed hair. Those are my favourite times of the day.

Morning Cuddles and TV Watching {The Ordinary Moments}

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  1. I love those moments. CC has also been a good sleeper since he started sleeping through, around the 20 months mark. He used to wake early, around 5 am but he would climb into our bed for cuddles. He only does this now when he is poorly as he doesn’t get up until around 7.30 now and he wants breakfast immediately. I miss the sleepy bed cuddles. They are memories that I will definitely cling on to.

  2. I love these moments too. We don’t have a tv in our room but we often snuggle together and watch the iPad. Like you say it generally doesn’t happen during the week anymore due to the school run, but I do love it if we all do it at the weekend. I am loving lazy weekends at the moment where we aren’t in a rush at the moment. x

  3. It’s great to have a snuggle with the little ones isn’t it! My little girl loves getting in my bed and reading books in the morning, my son likes to get up early but he always comes in for a hug in the night! x #theordinarymoments

  4. I know exactly what you mean! My little girl gets up quite early but I don’t really mind as she comes into our bed and snuggles for a bit which is lovely!

  5. This so cute and makes realise how grateful I should be that this is often my morning (usually because they’re in bed with me from around 5) and evening they take over bedtime with snuggles in our bed. It’s irritating we get not a lot of time to ourselves at this stage, but these moments won’t last forever. Thank you for reminding me to treasure them, it’s so sweet that you get to savour them in the holidays xxx

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