A Little Man’s Freedom! {The Ordinary Moments}

Now that Little Man is walking there really is no stopping him. He doesn’t fall down often, changes direction with ease and goes exactly where he wants to go. He has complete purpose when he walks and at time he moves so quickly that he almost runs. He loves his new found freedom and loves nothing more than being outside toddling around.

It feels like yesterday Little Man couldn’t even crawl and yet now he is a fully fledged toddler and all he wants now is to try and keep up with his sister. He will chase her all day, laughing as he goes. Watching them together is fantastic and it’s hard to believe that just a few weeks ago Little Man hadn’t walked at all.

For a while Little Man would only walk holding onto our hands but now he will only walk by himself – he is fiercely independent and growing so, so quickly! Our days are now full of chasing a very happy toddler from one place to another! Even at home he will spend all day rushing around the lounge, running around the garden and climbing on the furniture. Such an adventurer with a distinct lack of fear and just an urge to get to where he is going. I can already see signs of the child he will grow up to be – such determination and drive. Oh how he loves his freedom!

A Little Man's Freedom! {The Ordinary Moments}

10 thoughts on “A Little Man’s Freedom! {The Ordinary Moments}”

  1. How lovely, as soon as they start to walk you quickly forget they never could. My little man was a late walker but as soon as he started there was no looking back. I think he’s only been in his buggy about 5 times since he started walking, he’d much rather be in his own steam than bundled up in a buggy! x

  2. Oh his little dungees Donna- CANNOT BEAT A BABY IN DUNGAREES! Capitals for how strongly I feel about this. πŸ˜‰ Isn’t it funny, when they start walking it feels like they just grow up instantly overnight don’t they? I already miss LL and her little crawl! x

  3. He’s so adorable – I can’t wait for Toby to start walking. He’s just started to stand without holding on to anything and I don’t think walking will be far behind!

  4. Aw! Go Little Man – how exciting. I love how sweet they are when they first figure out walking. And yes, seeing them enjoy their newfound independence is so special. Tiring for us though chasing after them! Enjoy every second lovely x


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