Heated Clothes Airer Update: 5 Years with the Dry-Soon Heated Airer

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We bought our Dry-Soon Heated Clothes Airer from Lakeland nearly five years ago and when I realised how long it had been I thought really I should write an update about it because, frankly, not much in our lives lasts five years so anything that does is worth a blog post!

I wrote about the three tier heated airer after nearly a year of using it and back then it was such a revolution. Traditional airers were still more commonplace and heated airers still seemed like such a gimmick but, honestly, the Lakeland heated airer saved my sanity and is still such a valued part of our home life.

When we bought the heated clothes airer it was the only type available – a 3 tier standard heated airer. Since then though Dry-Soon have launched so many more airers – different sizes, different capacities and a Deluxe version which looks so much sturdier. They’ve also launched a range of accessories to make the very most of the drying space – and even wheels to move the heated airer seamlessly from one place to another.

Heated Clothes Airer Update: 5 Years with the Dry-Soon Heated Airer

Even with these additions to the Lakeland Dry-Soon range I am in no hurry to upgrade the heated airer. Our Dry-Soon heated airer has served us well. it’s as sturdy as it needs to be, folds flat for easy storage and dries clothes well overnight.

If we have a lot of laundry to do we put a load on the airer in the evening, let it dry overnight and then put another load out during the day. At times our electric clothes airer has been on constantly for a couple of days and we have never had any problems.

One constant topic of conversation around the heated clothes airers is the use of a cover. Heated airer covers are available with the airer now as a package or you can buy them separately but a lot of people just put a duvet cover over the airer to have the same results. We’ve controversially never used a cover though – official or otherwise – and are really happy with how quickly everything dries.

Heated Clothes Airer Update: 5 Years with the Dry-Soon Heated Airer

Five years ago our heated airer cost about the same as it does if you were to buy one now – around £100 – and five years ago we really couldn’t afford that £100 but, with a toddler and a new baby it was an investment we really needed to make, we just couldn’t dry washing fast enough.

Over the last five years that heated airer has definitely earned us that £100 back – ten fold. We use it at least five days a week through the winter and even on wet days during the rest of the year. It fits seamlessly into our family life and is now something I wouldn’t be without – if it broke tomorrow I would buy another one without even thinking about. But, our heated tower airer is still going strong and I wouldn’t be surprised if it had another five years of life in it – and then some.

When I wrote about the heated clothes airer originally it was so new to us, such a novelty, and we loved it. Now, it’s not a novelty anymore and just something we have come to really appreciate. It lives under our stairs – in a space we found especially for it – and when in use it lives in our dining room to dry clothes.

It’s not the most attractive of things but I have seen worse ways of drying washing – and we always pack it away when people come over. Plus, it’s worth it to cut the drying time of our clothes and streamline the drying process. And save money, obviously.

So, if you are wondering whether to get a tumble dryer or don’t have the space for a tumble dryer and are sick of having washing drying everywhere then definitely consider a heated clothes airer. We really have never looked back.

Heated Clothes Airer Update: 5 Years with the Dry-Soon Heated Airer
5 Years with the Dry-Soon Heated Airer

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