Giving Young Children Confidence Overnight with DryNites | AD

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I remember LP’s potty-training journey really clearly, she was so little, and it only took a few months, and by the time she started nursery she was using the toilet happily and confidently by herself. One stage that seemed to take a little longer for her, was becoming dry at night.

Giving Young Children Confidence Overnight with DryNites | AD

How do you deal with bedwetting?

Bedwetting is a completely normal part of every child’s development and it’s much more common than people realise. Most children grow out of bedwetting naturally, it just takes some a little longer than others.

LP was still wet at night until just after her seventh birthday. It started to feel like all her friends were through the phase and were dry at night, however that didn’t seem to faze LP. We used Huggies DryNites all the way from those first potty training days until she stopped needing them, and I am sure they were the reason that she took the bedwetting stage in her stride.

I think it’s important to remember that it can vary, so following your child’s timing was key for us. We found on a day to day basis, that LP’s bedwetting phase wasn’t really an issue, And the only people that were aware of it were our closest family.

But, when it came to holidays with friends or staying with extended family we were worried that being out of our day-to-day routine might unsettle LP. We thought that wearing DryNites to bed, LP might not feel confident or comfortable, but how wrong could we have been!

We are away for half term at the moment and it reminds me of all the preparation we used to put into every break before LP was dry at night. We have fond memories of helping her pack her case ensuring she had her clothes, favourite cuddly toy, sleep mask and DryNites. We would take time to explain to her where we were going, where she would be sleeping and who we’d be staying with.

Giving Young Children Confidence Overnight with DryNites | AD

Over the years we went on so many holidays with friends and all the children would get ready together. LP would happily put the DryNites on herself – thanks to the soft stretchy design – and then dance around the room in them, showing off her favourite characters on the front. When her friends asked her what she was wearing she’d just say that they were her pants and carry on dancing around.

The other children never questioned this and DryNites are so discreet that they looked just like pants to them – I think most were actually envious that LP had Tinkerbell on her pants too! They were comfortable, and for her they carried the feeling of wearing ‘big girl pants’. DryNites gave her so much confidence both at home and away.

Giving Young Children Confidence Overnight with DryNites | AD

Children are most comfortable at home, but we often sleep in unfamiliar environments like holidays, a weekend away and friends’ houses. DryNites really helped to give LP reassurance at those times, knowing that she wasn’t going to have an accident during the night.

We went through such a range of emotions whilst LP was wet at night and bedwetting can often be a challenging process. We found that approaching everything at LP’s speed, being patient and giving her reliable night time protection made the whole process much less stressful.

There are so many myths around bedwetting – that children are choosing to wet the bed, that children should stop drinking liquids earlier in the day or that it must be down to a serious medical problem. The DryNites website is such a great resource for breaking down these myths and I know I found educating myself around bedwetting gave me so much more confidence and helped me to support LP through that phase.

At times it really does feel like your child will never be dry at night but for most children, eventually, something will just click, and it will feel like they’ve been dry forever. Using DryNites really helps to make the process as natural and stress free as possible.

Make sure you claim your free sample of DryNites pyjama pants over on the DryNites website.

Giving Young Children Confidence Overnight with DryNites | AD
Giving Young Children Confidence Overnight with DryNites


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  1. Erin only has the occasional accident at home but we need something for her when we go away. We’ve been using the larger nappies but Erin wants something a bit ‘older’ so we should give these a go.

  2. Isnt it amazing that there is a solution to help kids who need it- imagine in years before these existed they’d be stuck with bulky nappies or really wet beds!

  3. It’s such a difficult thing isn’t it? They’re asleep, so there’s very little you can do to intervene in what they do naturally. Great that Dry Nites helped you both through it.

  4. It’s lovely to hear that LP is so happy to wear these! We still have a few troubles with this, so will definitely keep DryNites in mind

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