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Have you ever had to organise a collection at work? For a leaving gift or a night out? Or maybe you’ve been in charge of collecting money for a hen weekend or a Birthday bash for a friend? Whatever it is, I know from experience that it turns into a nightmare.

Some people pay by Paypal or Paym, some want to do a bank transfer and some give you cash. Then, once you have all the money what do you do with it? You have to keep records of everything so it doesn’t get swallowed up with your bills and grocery shopping and it’s just such a big responsibility handling money that isn’t really yours.

This is where Leetchi comes in. Leetchi is a new website that does all the hard work for you. You can use it to collect money for literally anything, personalise it to suit your needs and invite friends to donate to your Leetchi money pot, ready to spend however you need to – on gifts, a night out or a weekend away.

The Easy Way to Collect Money - Leetchi
The Easy Way to Collect Money - Leetchi

You can set an amount you would like to raise and even give a suggested amount for people to contribute. It keeps records of who has put what money in and you can make that information private or public – whatever suits your needs.

The best thing for me about Leetchi is that I could sign up using my Facebook account but, if you want to keep it completely separate you can sign up by entering your details too. Leetchi is just so easy to use – it couldn’t be simpler!

The Easy Way to Collect Money - Leetchi

Once all your money is collected in the online money pots you can either transfer it to your bank account – with a 2.9% fee – or you can spend it online through Leetchi’s partner brands, one of which is Amazon. And, you can buy pretty much anything on Amazon, can’t you?

So Leetchi is now my go-to website when anyone suggests organising something. Whether we’ re organising a holiday for a bunch of friends, a charity event, a joint wedding gift or a hen night we’ll be using Leetchi and making the most of it’s secure and simple way of collecting money for any occasion.

The Easy Way to Collect Money - Leetchi


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