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Cooking Fajitas with Bernard Matthews Roast Turkey Breast Chunks

We eat fajitas quite a lot in our house. LP loves food that she can make herself and I love anything where we put bowls and plates in the middle of the table and all tuck in – so it’s a winner on a lot of fronts! Add to that the fact it doesn’t take long to prepare and cook and fajitas are an ideal weeknight family meal. Bernard Matthews…

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Slow Cooker Chicken and Lentil Curry Recipe

We love cooking with chicken at home and when we use the slow cooker that doesn’t change – we love creating new chicken slow cooker recipes at home. One thing I love to cook in the slow cooker is curry and Hubby was so impressed with this one I just had to share it – He said it tasted like ‘a proper one from the takeaway’! So here’s our Slow…


Rhubarb & Orange Muffins Recipe

We have been growing rhubarb in the garden for the last few years and it is the easiest thing to grow! The harder thing though is looking for ways to use the rhubarb and not just making yet another crumble! Here are some incredibly easy Rhubarb & Orange Muffins that look a bit odd but taste great. So here’s our Rhubarb & Orange Muffins Recipe: Ingredients 225 g plain flour 2 tsps baking powder…


Cheats Bread and Butter Pudding Recipe

Like most people, I like to cheat where I can in the kitchen. I have been a fan of bread and butter pudding for literally my whole life. I had a loaf of brioche to use up and so created this easy peasy cheats brioche easy bread and butter pudding with custard. It’s a great way of using up leftover bread products and I always keep a tin of custard…


Homemade Turkey Burgers Recipe

We had some turkey mince in the freezer and I wasn’t sure what to do with it but shortly after reviewing the KitchenCraft Burger Press we realised that burgers don’t have to be beef, and next thing we knew we were having turkey burgers for dinner! So here’s our Homemade Turkey Burgers Recipe: Ingredients 350 g turkey mince 1 onion chopped 1 carrot grated 1 courgette grated a good shake of dried mixed herbs 0.5 tsp chilli…


Sponge Topped Mince Pie Recipe

Just before Christmas we were sent a wonderful hamper of goodies from Baking Mad to inspire us to get in the kitchen and bake. Because of the Christmas build up it took me until just after Christmas to actually start baking but LP helped and we had a great time! Baking Mad has a huge selection of recipes that are great for any occasion and so many different versions of…


Festive Mincemeat Swirls Recipe

Considering my stance on convenience food, some people may think my use of ready made pastry is lazy, or cheating but most celebrity chefs use it and you can make things like these Festive Swirls in just minutes. Make these for a lovely seasonal treat – they make a change from mince pies! So here’s our Festive Swirls Recipe: Ingredients a sheet of ready made puff pastry a jar of…