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Each year when I have men to buy for it gets harder and harder to find the perfect gift. I don’t want to resort to socks and toiletry sets each year, generic man presents, and would rather find individual gifts that Dave and the other male relatives in my life would love to receive.

It’s Dave’s birthday in November and Christmas shortly after that so this year I have been scouring Uncommon Goods’ gift section to see if there’s anything just right for any of the men in my life. It’s home to so many unique and quirky gifts that you won’t find on the High Street so I’ve put together my favourite gifts for the man who truly has everything:

There are plenty of other gifts for men who love sports, beer or any other stereotypical male hobby but most of the men I know love sci-fi, good food and coffee. But, it can be so hard to buy gifts as, by the time you get to our stage in life (!) people will generally just buy something if they want/need it. That’s why Uncommon Goods is perfect for finding gifts – there are things on there that you don’t even realise you need until you see them! Plus, there’s the Uncommon Collection which is an exclusive assortment of products that not only have uncommon design but high standards for sustainability, and doing good.

So instead of generic gifts of socks and toiletries I’ll be buying gifts that really suit their recipient’s character – whether that’s foodie, sporty, musical or geeky I know that Uncommon Goods has something for them and I love that whilst I’m browsing I can find out lots of Uncommon Knowledge too!

What are your go-to purchases for the men in your life? It would be great to get some more gift ideas as, at this time of year, you can never have too much inspiration!

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    • I know your pain. I have SIL on 26th, nephew 2 on 28th and OH early Jan. He usually has clothes for birthday but now moans. I tend to get shooting gear, or anything else he needs. But he only likes useful presents so he’s a bit dull.

      N would love the fruit keg!


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