The Ultimate Wizarding World Christmas Wish List

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It’s no secret that as a family we love Harry Potter. I remember working in Woolworths when the books first came out – and then the movies. There’s always been such a buzz around the franchise and as soon as I read the books, in my twenties, I was hooked! I now read them every year without fail and cannot wait until the children are a little older and can appreciate the whole of the Wizarding World just as much as I do.

If you have a Harry Potter fan in your life then I’m sure Harry Potter gifts will be featuring highly on their letters to Father Christmas this year. There’s so much Harry Potter merchandise and I’ve put together my top picks to help you with your Christmas shopping!

The Wizarding World began with the Harry Potter books and so it’s only right that top of our wish list is another Harry Potter book. But, books of the Wizarding World don’t get more beautiful than the Harry Potter The Cursed Child: The Journey book. The official behind the scenes book of the stage production is an absolute work of art and something any Potter fan would treasure forever.

Harry Potter The Cursed Child: The Journey book

Any doll loving child would love their own Harry Potter Yule Ball Dolls. Each of the Wizarding World characters are dressed just as they were for the Yule Ball in the movies making them perfect for acting out those iconic scenes. With Hermione, Harry, Ron and Cho to collect there’s a doll for everyone.

Harry Potter Yule Ball Dolls

Every Harry Potter fan has at some point imagined having their very own wand, casting spells and saving the day. The Harry Potter Wizard Training Wand is a fantastic wand for any child. It has 11 different spells for children to learn and master through the included spell training guide! You can even play alongside a friend if you both have wands and the wand senses movement – knowing if you’ve cast your spell. It really is a fantastic gift that won’t break the bank – and there’s Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione and Voldemort’s wands to collect.

Harry Potter Wizard Training Wand

To really get into character for the Wizarding World, any budding wizard needs an invisibility cloak – just like Harry’s cloak from the movies. Using the app and green screen technology you can disappear! We wrote a full review of the cloak here and it’s sure to be a fantastic party piece this Christmas!

Harry Potter invisibility cloak

The invisibility cloak is so memorable from the movies but my favourite Hogwarts object was the sorting hat. And now families can have their very own sorting hat too! The Real Talking Sorting Hat is another fantastic gift that the whole family can enjoy. It would sit happily on your side at home ready to sort any guests into their rightful house any time they visit. We would have endless fun with this over the festive season!

Real Talking Sorting Hat

We love playing games as a family and the Harry Potter Pictopia game would be a great choice to play with your fellow Potter fans. The picture trivia game has over 1000 questions to really test your knowledge of the Wizarding World! It even includes trivia from Fantastic Beasts too!

Harry Potter Pictopia game

Another game that the whole family could play together all year round is Harry Potter Dobble. Dobble is a favourite game in our house and now you can play with classic Harry Potter images on the cards too! This is a fast paced game that every generation would enjoy.

Harry Potter Dobble

One thing our family love even more than Harry Potter is Lego so Lego bringing out a Harry Potter range was music to our ears! Top of my list this Christmas is the Harry Potter Knight Bus. As well as the amazing triple deck bus, this fantastic set includes Harry Potter, Stan Shunpike and Ernie Prang as well as Harry’s chest full of his prized possessions.

Harry Potter Knight Bus

Another amazing Lego set from the Harry Potter range is the Hogwarts Clock Tower set. This is such a substantial Lego set, featuring so many characters from the Wizarding World. The set has so many different scenes included – the defense against the dark arts classroom, Dumbledore’s office, the hospital wing, the prefects’ bathroom and a yule ball scene. The set even has a clock-changing mechanism to create time-turner time travel adventures and a ‘dance’ function to get the yule ball really moving!

Hogwarts Clock Tower set

The pièce de résistance under any Christmas tree this year would be a Hornby Hogwarts Express train set. The Hogwarts Express may be more well known than the Orient Express now and it’s a train anyone who has seen the movies or read the books would love to travel on.

Hornby Hogwarts Express train set

The set includes an oval track and three piece train – with an engine and coaches – which looks just like the Hogwarts Express. I know that the children would set this up and play with it constantly – and it would probably have pride of place running around our Christmas tree each year!

So there you have our favourite products from the Wizarding World this Christmas! They’re sure to put smiles on Harry Potter fans’ faces. I now cannot wait to start building Harry Potter Lego at Christmas!

The Ultimate Wizarding World Christmas Wish List


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  1. I absolutely love Harry Potter, so this is definitely my Christmas wish list! I want it ALL! I read the books every year too. My little one is only 17 months but I can’t wait to get him into Harry Potter!

  2. I absolutely adore this wish list idea! I remember when the Harry Potter books first came out ♥ My mom and I would wait for the midnight release and then take turns reading the book. It is definitely one of my favorite childhood memories!

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