Walking on Walls {The Ordinary Moments}

Katie is off on her travels again at the moment and has asked me to host The Ordinary Moments for her whilst she’s away.

Unlike her brother, LP has never been that into climbing. She has always been quite reserved, preferring to watch all the other children climbing and adventuring but a good few months ago she started to enjoy climbing up to go down the slide at adventure playgrounds and has done that as often as possible, but that was pretty much the extent of LP’s climbing.

But now, on our walk to school LP will find walls to walk along and things to climb up on. She will climb up onto any wall and ask me to hold her hand as she walks along. I always try and coax her to walk by herself but she always likes to hold my hand, not that I mind.

Walking on Walls {The Ordinary Moments}

Every walk to school, and home again, now involves walls and LP asking to be helped up, helped down or helped across the gaps. My quiet Little Pickle who loved walking nicely by my side, holding onto the pushchair and picking flowers is now wanting to climb and experience new things.

I love this new side to LP, the one that wants to be doing, adventuring and experiencing. Her thirst for new things is amazing and our ordinary moments are always developing, changing and adapting to the children as they grow. Our LP now loves to climb and loves being up high. I wonder what she will want to experience next?


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  1. Oh, bless her. My little man is very similar, for a long time he wasn’t interested in climbing at all, but he’s really getting into it. And he loves to hold my hand if he’s walking on any ledges! Thanks for hosting! xx

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