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Regardless of whether you are an outdoor person, an indoor person, a high earner, or a low earner, you want to live in and come back to a house you can call home. Decorating your house can seem like a mammoth task when planning the job, and this may put you off starting any renovation projects. However, you can often create a big impact by just making small upgrades to your property, most of which you can action gradually over the course of a few weeks or months. Here are 4  ideas to modernise and add value to your home.

Upgrades to Make to Modernise Your Home

#1 Lighting

When it comes to lights in a property, these are mostly overlooked when renovating as you don’t often spend much time looking up at the ceiling. But you would be surprised at the impact of changing the lighting in your property, and the many ways of altering it. You could for example buy new lighting fixtures, change the location from ceiling lights to wall lights, buy lamps to help brighten a room, change just your lamp shades, or even choose between many different styles of light bulb that each create a different feel to a room.

#2 Windows

Another large area of a room that is often overlooked (despite looking through them) is the windows. You can of course look at replacing your entire window frame, as it is possible that you have older windows that need replacing and upgrading. However, it doesn’t always need to be as expensive as this, for example, a great way to modernise your windows is by accessorising them. This can easily be done by adding some white shutters and coloured curtains to match your room’s aesthetic.

#3 Fixtures and fittings

Something that you use multiple times a day and will also make a huge impact on how your home feels is your light switches, plug sockets and door handles. You can easily budget this by doing a room at a time and even cut costs by not replacing hidden plug sockets (you will just need to be sure they will always be hidden, or you might run into trouble later down the line).

#4 Painting and Wallpapering

The tried and tested way of modernising and changing the feel of the room is of course to re-paint or wallpaper it. Not only are you given an almost endless selection of colours and patterns to choose from, but this method is relatively cheap, quick, and easy to do. You don’t have to just paint the whole room with just one colour either, you could for instance get creative with feature walls or mix modern colours together to change the aesthetic in your home.

So, before you overwhelm yourself by thinking that modernising your home is too big of a task and that you don’t have enough time or money to install a brand-new bathroom, kitchen or conservatory. Have a look at the smaller but just as impactful improvements you can introduce.

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