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Cost-effectiveness compared to other popular tourist destinations

When considering purchasing a flat in a tourist destination, cost-effectiveness is a crucial factor to consider. Compared to other popular tourist destinations such as Antalya and Bodrum, Mahmutlar offers more cost-effective options for those looking to buy a flat. According to data from the Turkish Statistical Institute, the average price per square meter in Mahmutlar is approximately 1,500 TRY. The average price in Antalya and Bodrum ranges from 2,500 to 3,000 TRY per square meter. Mahmutlar also offers a higher rental income compared to other popular tourist destinations. It makes Mahmutlar a cost-effective option for those looking to invest in a flat in a tourist destination.

If you’re considering investing in property, you should take a closer look at the opportunity to buy apartments in Mahmutlar.

Facts you may not have known

  1. Mahmutlar is one of the most rapidly developing towns on the Turkish Riviera, with an increasing number of foreign real estate buyers.
  2. According to the Turkish Statistical Institute, Mahmutlar has seen a 15% increase in property sales to foreigners in the last year alone.
  3. The average price for a one-bedroom flat in Mahmutlar is around 50,000 EUR, which is significantly lower compared to other popular tourist destinations such as Istanbul, Antalya, and Bodrum.
  4. The cost of living in Mahmutlar is also relatively low. It makes it an attractive option for retirees and those looking to escape the high cost of living in their home countries.
  5. The real estate market in Mahmutlar offers a wide range of properties, from cozy one-bedroom flats to spacious luxury villas, catering to different budgets and preferences.
  6. Mahmutlar is also known for its sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea.
  7. The town is well connected to other popular tourist destinations, with easy access to Antalya and Alanya, as well as regular shuttle buses and taxis to the city center.
  8. Local authorities have invested heavily in infrastructure, building new roads, sidewalks, and parks.
  9. Mahmutlar offers a low cost of living and affordable property prices. Those looking to invest in real estate will find it a wise choice.
  10. The rental market in Mahmutlar is also thriving, with many ex-pats and holidaymakers choosing to rent a flat in the town for their vacations. It provides a steady income for property owners, making it a viable investment option.
  11. In conclusion, Mahmutlar is a city that has a lot to offer. There are picturesque beaches and views, a low cost of living, and an affordable real estate market. Now is a good time to buy an apartment in Mahmutlar, given the growing demand for real estate in the city.

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Insider tips for those who want to live in Mahmutlar permanently

Here are some tips for those who want to live in Mahmutlar permanently:

Research the local areaGet to know the town, the neighbors, and the local culture. Check schools, transportation, and healthcare options.
Get to know the local marketFamiliarize yourself with the real estate market in Mahmutlar. Identify the areas with the highest value for your money, and understand local price trends.
Learn the languageBeing able to speak Turkish, or at least have a basic knowledge of it, will help you integrate into the community and make your day-to-day life easier.
Find a trusted real estate agentWorking with an experienced and trustworthy real estate agent can help you navigate the local market and find the appropriate property for your needs.
Make connectionsMeet new people, join local clubs or organizations, attend community events, and make friends. Building a network of connections can help you feel more at home in your new community.


In conclusion, Mahmutlar is a picturesque seaside town that offers a lucrative investment opportunity for those looking to buy a flat. The real estate market in Mahmutlar has many advantages and is cost-effective compared to other popular tourist destinations. For those who want to live in Mahmutlar permanently, this article provides insider tips to help make the transition easier and more enjoyable. Whether you are looking for an investment property or a permanent home, Mahmutlar is an excellent choice. With its stunning beauty and inspiring stories from current homeowners, Mahmutlar is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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