Train Love {The Ordinary Moments}

I don’t know what it is about trains but little boys seem to adore them. Little Man has jumped well on to the train bandwagon and gets so excited whenever a train is even mentioned that he can hardly contain himself.

At some point Little Man started watching reruns of the old Thomas shows on the TV. From there he started watching the feature length shows and then he started watching Chuggington Trains too. He then had a Thomas toy, followed by his Thomas Ready Bed and form there things have just spiralled.

Little Man now has a collection of Thomas and Friends trains. He has a BigJigs railway set that just keeps expanding and he is happy to spend a whole day just playing with his trains and making tracks. He wakes up with his trains next to him on his bed and plays with them until we go through to get him up and at night he falls asleep clutching them in his little chubby hands.

I wouldn’t say Little Man is obsessed with trains but he absolutely adores them. We have Legoland annual passes and whenever we visit he just wants to go on the train rides, around and around again. We went to Drayton Manor for my Birthday and Little Man was in his element – as was LP – with all the real life Thomas trains everywhere.

Over the last couple of weeks though we have been going on adventures on actual trains. Real life public transport trains. The kind of trains that make no adult excited – ones that take commuters from A to B and ones that take weary travellers home after a day out. The same old South West trains that I have been getting on for years but ones that through a two year old’s eyes are clearly amazing thing.

Little Man loves real trains. Looking at other trains through the window makes him so happy and sitting on an actual train makes him bounce in his seat. Pulling into Clapham Junction is like his idea of heaven – platform after platform with many trains sitting there at the end of their line, looking like they’re asleep or just having a rest. Places like this make Little Man happy and seeing the excitement on his face when he’s around trains is infectious.

I have a feeling we’ll be venturing into London by train many more times in the future!

Train Love {The Ordinary Moments}


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  1. Ah bless him that’s so sweet!! Arthur loves thomas too and his little wooden train set! So cute to have him with you on the trains, I’m sure it makes those boring trips much more bareable! X

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