Living Arrows – 46/52

This week’s Living Arrows is one that I left until the last minute purely because I didn’t remember taking any suitable photos. With a week of sickness, school and work there wasn’t much time for photography. So I had a look through the photos from this week and this is what I found.

LP loves to help in the kitchen and I am gradually letting her help with more things. This week she helped me cook on the hob for the first time and she loved the responsibility – even if I was constantly worried she’d burn herself!

Living Arrows - 46/52

Little Man loves nothing more than playdoh and it’s an activity we do quite a lot when LP is at school and it’s something he will happily do for hours by himself.

Living Arrows - 46/52

4 thoughts on “Living Arrows – 46/52”

  1. I know what you mean – what with this terrible light, terrible weather meaning we are mostly indoors plus illness, not much photo taking is happening here either! But cooking and play doh are excellent cold weather pursuits – that is really cool that she is getting old enough to start cooking on the hob (she’ll be making dinner next πŸ˜‰ )!

  2. That’s great that LP’s enjoying cooking. N gets bored halfway through but he’s good at peeling and chopping.

    So funny that Little Man’s got the scissors out for his playdoh. that’s just what N used to do. Scissors and a knife and fork!


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