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Netflix movies always paint the perfect picture of the family eating meals together in a large kitchen that welcomes everyone and meets each family member’s needs. We’ve been raised with the idea that the kitchen is where to spend family time with loved ones, connect, and share stories. It’s also where family members ask and give each other advice and plan for what lies ahead during a hot meal. You wish you could have that. Well, you can; it only takes a little planning. 

A family kitchen isn’t only about cooking but also about welcoming everyone and inspiring quality time. Interior designers define the kitchen as the central hub where all family members come together. 

This article presents a functional kitchen where everyone loves to spend their time. 

The island – the heart of the family kitchen

One thing all Netflix kitchens have in common is the island. If a couple of years ago kitchen islands were considered luxury features, nowadays they’re essential add-ons because they’re more accessible and affordable. Have a look at your kitchen’s current layout and research the island options that would fit your space. Suppose you have to work with a smaller room; you can add slender bays that work as alternatives to kitchen islands and allow you to break up the space. 

In case you have a large room that allows you to install a traditional kitchen island, look for a model with storage space. When things get a little crowded in the kitchen, during holidays or when planning family dinners, you can use the island as counter space. 

Installing a larger island allows you to increase the prep space and encourages your family members to join you in the kitchen when cooking. While you’re preparing meals, your children could do homework, and your partner could handle their crafts projects. Even if your children play on their tablets, you’re still in the same room. 

Tall and wide cabinets – more kitchen space

The more spacious your kitchen is, the more welcomed your family feels to spend time together. No one likes a crowded room, so if you want to host family meals in the kitchen, look for ways to maximise the space. If you have to work with a small room, install taller kitchen cabinets like the ones from or deeper worktops that allow you to save floor space. 

You might have to order custom cabinets because standard kitchen furniture tends to have slim elements that don’t reach the ceiling. Standard kitchen cabinets and countertops leave unused precious wall space that helps you remove clutter. The kitchen furniture should allow you to make room for essentials like a blender, toaster, knife set, bread bin, grill machine, and microwave. Instead of shoving them on top of the cabinets, place them on the counters and use them when needed. 

Tall cabinetry works best for compact kitchens because they allow you to make the most of your walls and increase storage space. Deeper work surfaces are also helpful because they maximise the available space for preparing and serving food. 

Child safety

Now that you want to make the kitchen a family-friendly space it’s time to boost its safety and ensure your children are exposed to no risks. Plan your kitchen to accommodate everyone’s needs and make the cooking process easier. Teaching children to cook basic food dishes is a valuable life skill; therefore, it’s essential to welcome them into the kitchen from a young age. However, you cannot do this if the tools and appliances aren’t stored safely so they cannot hurt themselves. 

Here are some measures you must take when child-proofing the kitchen. 

– Put all dangerous items out of the children’s reach. Suppose you have any priceless or fragile kitchenware you kept exposed on the countertops until now; put them in high cupboards so your kids can’t reach them. 

– Store the dishes meant for your children in easily accessible drawers. It makes it more convenient for them to grab a plate or cup when they want to eat or drink something, and you’re not around. 

– Place the microwave on the countertop or kitchen island where your kids can easily and safely use it to warm their food. 

– Store all knives in a kitchen drawer with a block or organiser that features magnetic strips to prevent the children from using them. 

– If you plan to install new kitchen furniture, opt for rounded countertop edges to prevent your kids from bumping their heads on sharp edges. 

Plenty of storage

How many times did your children burst into the bathroom when you were taking a shower to ask you where a particular plate or cup was? Organise your kitchen in a way that minimises kitchen hunting and increases the visibility and accessibility of the storage space. Put your kids’ favourite snacks and items in a drawer or cupboard within their reach to ensure they don’t injure themselves trying to climb the furniture to get what they need when you’re not around. Plan your kitchen storage so that everyone knows where’s the place for everything, and they find it easy to put things in their places. When everyone knows where things belong, they love to spend time in the kitchen. 

Encourage social interaction

Bringing in some comfortable chairs and benches allows you to transform the kitchen from a functional space into a room meant for socialisation. If you hate it when everyone disperses around the house and are looking for a way to tempt them into joining you in the kitchen, transform the space into an environment that encourages interactions. There are several seating options you can choose from, from sofas to benches and chairs. Install some ambient light to make the kitchen feel cosier, and put a plush rug on the floor. 

Build a kitchen that encourages togetherness and connection

If you’re planning to remodel the kitchen, the above ideas can help you transform it into a place where the entire family feels comfortable. 

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