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Are you looking for a fantastic way to spend quality time with your family while enjoying the great outdoors? Look no further than some simple family cycling activities!   

Cycling is not only a fun and exciting way to bond with your children but also a fantastic form of exercise. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the best family-friendly cycling activities. We hope you come away with some ideas for great family days out to create lasting memories.   

Teach your Child to Ride  

First things first. If you haven’t taught your child to ride yet then this is of course the best activity to start with! Teaching your child to ride a bike is great fun and an unforgettable activity that will boost their independence and confidence.  

To start the process, introduce your child to a kid’s balance bike. These bikes do not have pedals, instead, the child moves forward by pushing off with their legs. This puts the focus on developing their balance and coordination skills. 

Once they are old enough to start pedalling, usually 3 or 4, you can get them a first pedal bike. Find a safe location to teach them, such as a park or a quiet street.   

To get them pedalling, the best way to help your child start is to hold them under the arms. This gives them enough support without pulling them over.    

Hold them whilst they build up some speed, then gradually let go as they become more confident on the bike. Don’t just push them and hope they work it out!   

There will of course be some falls and frustration, so be patient and reassuring at all times. It is all worthwhile for the joy your child experiences when they master riding a bike is truly priceless.  Once they are up and zooming along on the pedals, you can start planning some family bike rides. 

Scenic Bike Rides  

One of the most popular family cycling activities is exploring scenic trails in your local area. Most cities and towns in the UK have dedicated bike paths that offer safe routes for cyclists of all ages.    

Pack a picnic lunch, choose a trail that suits your family’s skill level, and embark on a journey through nature. If you plan on riding on some roads, make sure that you have instructed your children in basic road safety.   

Remember to bring plenty of water, suncream, and helmets for everyone to ensure a safe ride.   

Bike and Camping Adventures  

If your family enjoys camping, why not combine it with cycling for an unforgettable outdoor adventure?  

Find a campground near a scenic cycling trail or national park, and plan a bike and camping getaway.   

You can explore the trails during the day and relax by the campfire in the evenings. Cycling on a camping trip allows you to experience the beauty of your surroundings in depth. It also gives you the freedom to discover hidden trails and natural wonders that may be off the beaten path.  

It’s an excellent way to disconnect from screens, reconnect with nature, and create lasting memories with your loved ones. Don’t forget to pack the essentials, such as sleeping bags, cooking supplies, and bike racks.  

Bike Safety Workshops and Courses 

Before hitting the road or trails, it’s important that everyone in your family is familiar with basic bike safety rules.  

Look for local bike safety workshops or community events that offer training sessions. They will usually cover topics such as proper helmet fitting, hand signals, traffic rules, and bike maintenance.  

These workshops are not only informative but also help instil good cycling habits in your children from an early age.  

Learning about bike safety together as a family promotes ensures that everyone can enjoy cycling activities with confidence.   

Additionally, don’t forget to regularly inspect and maintain your family’s bikes to ensure they are in proper working order. You don’t want your child riding on a flat tyre! 

Games with Kids Bikes  

Playing games with kids’ bikes is a fantastic way to add an extra element of fun to your family’s cycling adventures.  

These games not only entertain children but also help improve their bike handling skills and coordination.  

One classic game is a bike obstacle course. Set up some cones, hula hoops, or other objects for your children to weave in and out of. Time each family member as they navigate the course, and see who can complete it with the fastest time.   

Another fun game is a bike scavenger hunt. Create a list of items or landmarks for the kids to find while riding their bikes to keep them engaged.  

Finally, you can also organise a slow race. This involves challenging your children to ride their bikes as slowly as possible without touching the ground. It’s a hilarious game that requires balance and control.  

Remember to adapt the games to suit the ages and skill levels of your children, and always prioritise safety.    

Pick a Fun Destination with a Reward  

If your child is reluctant to come on a bike ride, one idea is to pick a destination with a reward.   

It could be a local park with a playground, an ice cream shop, or a nice picnic spot. This not only motivates children during the ride but also adds an element of anticipation and adventure.   

With a fixed goal and reward in mind, your child is more likely to be up for the ride.  


Cycling with the family is a great way to have a day out. There are cycling activities for every family including exploring the countryside, playing games, and learning bike safety. 

Embrace the opportunity to bond with your children, create lasting memories, and instil a love for the outdoors.   

Get your helmets and start a family cycling adventure that keeps you active and brings you closer together. 

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