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You know dad best. But choosing the perfect Father’s Day gift for a minimalist dad can be daunting. What will you give to a loved one who doesn’t want more stuff? 

Often, the best gifts for minimalists are things that don’t cause stress in their lives and add clutter to their homes. These can be experiences, the gift of time, consumables, or something timeless and classic.  

1. Consumables

Consumables are excellent Father’s Day gifts since they won’t add clutter but instead add more meaning into his life. 

You can prepare a big batch of your dad’s favorite snacks. Divide it into easy-to-pack reusable bags, which he can grab and take to work. Reusable bags are an excellent replacement for the hundred billion plastic bags that end up in garbage dumps.

Also, why not give him a top-of-the-line self-care product. That would be a treat to have like a quality cologne or shaving cream. 

Or you can give him a luxury bath item like a vegan and cruelty-free clay cleansing bar. The one from Herbivore Botanicals would make a lovely consumable gift for dad.    

2. Experiences

Experiences may be a bit pricier Father’s Day gift option, but your dad will surely love it. It provides an opportunity to create wonderful memories without filling up the home with clutter. 

  • A guilt-free night out with his buddies. 

Give your dad an excuse to go out with the guys, guilt-free. It could be a night at his favorite bar, or a round of playing golf. 

If you want to be super nice to your dad, you might want to offer him your driving services. Or give him an Uber gift card instead. 

  •  Concert Tickets

Small concerts are going on across the country. It could be a big name or a local band. On Father’s Day, give him a chance to relax and have a night out downtown. 

  • Theater Play

If your dad loves theater, there are local companies that put on first-class shows. You can look into your local arts area and take in a play.

  •  Weekend Getaway

Every dad needs a break. And trips can be an amazing Father’s Day gift for your minimalist dad. A weekend getaway provides wonderful memories without the clutter. 

Look for a weekend getaway you can take. You don’t have to take time off to do this. A short vacation is also the perfect opportunity to research minimalist gifts for dad. 

  • Gift Card to His Favorite Restaurant or Activity

Has your dad been talking about this new diner in the neighborhood he’d like to check out? A gift card to the said restaurant, or bowling and other fun activities could be a perfect night out for the family.  

Here are other ideas to get you going:

  • Family adventure day
  • Ice cream outing
  •  Trampoline park
  • Movie date
  •  Putt-putt golf
  • Fancy date night
  • Laser tag
  • Learning Something New 

Is your dad interested in learning the guitar? Consider booking your dad (and yourself) guitar lessons. Your dad will treasure the gift of time to reach that dream.

Here are other suggestions to get you thinking: 

  • rowing lessons
  • painting classes
  • improv classes
  • photography classes
  • gardening classes 
  • yoga classes 
  • drum lessons, etc.

3. Membership Gifts 

Give dad a guilt-free car wash every week, which can be helpful in the winter months. It adds zero clutter in the home and might encourage dad to pick up the trash in his car, too. 

If dad is a bookworm but rarely has time to read, you might want to give him an Audible membership. This way, he can listen to his books before bedtime or on his commute. 

Your minimalist dad listens to music, too. Who doesn’t? Amazon Unlimited Music allows your dad to listen to his favorite songs on any device, anywhere. He can listen to music even when there’s no internet access like when at work or when on a plane.

4. Practical Gifts

You can still give your minimalist dad actual gifts on Father’s Day. Just remember to give something useful and won’t add to clutter in the home. Here are a few practical gift ideas for dad:

  • If dad frequently misplaces his wallet, keys, and other important stuff, an Apple AirTag will help him keep track of his valuables. With a diameter of 1.26 inches and 0.31 inch thick, the tag is so small you can place it on just about any item. 
  • Your dad will thank you for years to come when you give him a money clip like the Ridge Wallet. It is a slim body minimalist wallet made of high-quality aluminum that can hold up to 12 cards. It also has an exterior clip for bills.  
  • For the man who has everything or doesn’t want more stuff. He will appreciate receiving reusable items as a gift like Last Object’s recyclable cotton rounds. This would be a great addition to his minimalist grooming kit.

Give Your Minimalist Dad the Gift He Truly Needs

If you still can’t make up your mind what to give your minimalist dad on Father’s Day, remember that nothing beats good conversation. Maybe your dad only wants quality time with you. Often, being there, fully present for your loved ones is the best gift you can give.

Father's Day Gift Guide: What to Gift Your Minimalist Dad


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