Shopping Trolleys {The Ordinary Moments}

Back in October I wrote about Little Man and Pickle sharing a shopping trolley for the first time. This became a ritual when shopping and something Dave and I enjoyed – pushing them both around the shop, seeing them all comfy in the trolley.

Now though, Little Man has learnt to sit up and can’t lay in the baby seat on the trolley anymore, instead he sits up all by himself. Unfortunately though, he can’t ‘share’ the trolley seat with his Sister, grabs her hair, gets in her way and generally bothers her. This means, for now at least, we keep them apart when shopping – either separate trolleys or LP walks with one of us instead of being confined to the trolley.

Today we went to Kiddicare and Little Man had the shopping trolley all to himself whilst LP pushed her own trolley around the store. They both loved their shopping trip and it was only the second time that Little Man had sat up in a trolley and also the second time LP had pushed a trolley around a shop. Little Man looked so grown up – 8 months nearly, sitting in a trolley, watching the world go by.

Shopping Trolleys

This will now be the way things are for us – a little boy sitting in a shopping trolley. No longer a baby laying in a baby seat. For me, this signifies how far we’ve come in the last 8 months, how much LM has grown but also how responsible LP is (for a 2 year old!), how we can trust her to push a little trolley around a shop, how she’ll happily follow us with her trolley and put things in it that we hand to her.

Shopping Trolleys

Family shopping trips, very ordinary moments.

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  1. This is really cute…we also have an 8 month old who has just started going into the sitting up trolley. Luckily, my older daughter is 4 so walks round with me now. It was a bit of a shock the day i realised she was too old for the trolley though, it kind of makes it real that they’ve grown up so much! Xxx

    1. I cannot imagine a time when they’re not in trolleys anymore! All that space to put your shopping in, no more fighting in the seats or crying to not go in! Thanks so much for reading x

  2. Oh I love the little trolley, Mads would love pushing that around, we have a kiddicare near to us that we go to a fair bit, will have to look out for one next time. I found it such a big milestone when LL didn’t need to go in the baby seat anymore, they just grow up so quickly. Nowadays it is a fight to get Mads to go in the trolley when we go to the supermarket, but at the same time I can’t trust her to walk by me for a whole food shop! 😉 x

  3. ahhh they are both so cute and so serious…..trollys aren’t to be messed with 🙂
    We had Arthur in a trolly for the first time last week when we were away as there was a proper supermarket there (big novelty for us!) its so amazing how something so seemingly trivial can be so monumental!!!

  4. your little girl looks so grown up with her trolley!!!
    my daughter always wants to take a trolley but she abandons it in the middle of the supermarket and in the end it’s us, her parents, who carry with the little trolley+the big trolley…

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