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Investors consistently search for top-cadre locations to invest in the UAE real estate market. These people do not only hunt for apartments in completed Residential complexes in UAE, but their eagle eyes are also on the top properties that are shaking the industry, and would you blame them? It is widespread knowledge that real estate is profitable in the country. In 2023, it is pegged at an average of 9% increase. Who would want to avoid investing in such a place, not to mention the high level and class of properties that the UAE has built in the past decades? 

Spectacular Projects in the UAE

If you would like to invest in any of the new big projects in the UAE this 2023, check out the list below. According to Emirates.Estate, check out the following: 

The One Za’abeel Tower of Dubai 

The UAE always keeps breaking records, and Dubai never falters being in the middle of those records. The One Za’abeel tower is the world’s largest cantilevered structure (a building that is supported by only one vertical pillar’. Since its announcement, the twin towers have been carefully constructed and designed to rest on a vertical tower that slides across them in the building. It is a real estate breakthrough and hopes to house both residents and commercial users. It is expected that the building will be launched in 2023.

The Dubai Five Islands

Dubai is a dry land, now converted into multiple islands, and the Dubai Five Islands is a typical and classical example of this. The area on which this gigantic project sits was formerly called the Deira Islands until 2004 when it was rebranded and refurbished into the Dubai Islands by the famous developer company Nahkeel. The project cost about 11 billion Dirhams to complete and now has some of the best luxury properties up for grabs.

The Anantara World Islands

There are 4000 units waiting to be claimed by residents, business people, companies, and entrepreneurs in the beautiful and natural Anantara World Islands. The Island is made of six interconnected islands and waterways, which allows most of the properties in the area to have a private beach to themselves.

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Solar Park

Named after the paramount leader of Dubai, the Solar Park was developed to aid the diversification of power and reduce reliance on other measures. The government believes it can alleviate the power deficit by tapping into the power of the sun, and this facility is registered to make that transition easy and flawless. When completed, it will become the largest solar energy Plant in the world. It will also promote clean energy and serve at least 300 000 homes while preventing 1.6 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions per annum. The project is receiving massive attention and will be completed in 2025.

Ciel Tower, Dubai

Standing 365 meters tall, the Ciel Tower, Dubai, is one of the tallest buildings in Dubai. It is working towards breaking the record of the tallest hotel tower in the world, defeating the Gevora Hotel. The tower speaks of absolute luxury and comfort and is still under construction, with ample opportunities for you to invest.

The Jubail Island

Did you know that Jubai Island is one of the most anticipated Islands of Dubai? It costs 10 billion dirhams to set up this community of fantastic luxury villas, greens, and impeccable quality lifestyle services. The Island is commended for having a high number of trees (100 000) and a very serene residential feel.

Louvre Abu Dhabi Residence

Finally, for this article is the Louvre Abu Dhabi Residence which allows people to live in between history, as if they are next door to a museum, with sculptures and artistic materials positioned all around the tower. People who invest in the Louvre Abu Dhabi residence will receive their handover in 2025.

To sum up

Watch out for these properties and be abreast with their progress because sometimes, the best is not merely the completed complexes. New buildings are highly profitable, especially when they are a strategic investment.

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