Me & Mine {November 2014}

Another month, and another late family photo project post! I’m getting quite good at being late with these – it just shows how busy life is at the moment.

November whizzed by in a blur of teething, no sleep and our working routines but in amongst that we did manage to have a few lovely family days – a trip to Beaulieu Motor Museum, our nephew’s 3rd Birthday party and a day with lovely friends – the three things that spring to mind. It was also Dave’s Birthday and the month when our Christmas tree went up – at the end, obviously.

One more month of Me & Mine. I thought it was about time we did a spur of the moment iPhone pic. Bad lighting, me and Dave in PJs, kids in towels from the bath. Awful photo, full of cheese faced but it’s us and it’s a time I love – after bath snuggles on our bed. Everyone in that sleepy, happy phase and having a relax before books and bed.

Me & Mine {November 2014}

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  1. Ahh you guys all look dead happy! Grainy photo or not 😉
    Hope all is well lovely and you are looking forward to Christmas, it just gets better as they get older doesn’t it! xxx

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