Me & Mine {January 2021}

Oh wow. What a January that was. The most January of Januaries that there ever was. It was a pretty uneventful month. One stuck at home with lockdown, not seeing anyone and being pretty much in hibernation aside from the kids doing school at home.

We have all had enough of school at home. It’s wearing us down. But, we’re focusing on one day at a time and just getting on with it. The children are fantastic – really just doing what we ask and not complaining much at all. It could definitely be worse.

We’ve been focusing on getting more of the house sorted this month. I find having something to focus on helps the time pass more easily. So this month we have organised a new fireplace, new bay window and new front door. We also have a new sofa on the way so it will be nice to put a new project together – operation lounge.

We did have one glorious day of snow last weekend which really helped make January a little brighter. It was so nice to just not think of anything else – just playing in the snow. Everything seemed so much better that day.

Aside from that, we haven’t done a huge amount at all. We’ve been staying at home, in our little bubble, watching TV, reading books and hoping for brighter days.

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