Making Tents {The Ordinary Moments}

A few weeks ago LP discovered the childhood joy of making a tent and now it is her favourite thing to do. She’ll drape a throw or blanket off the side of the sofa, across her table or between a couple of chairs and will make it her home for the afternoon.

LP will often take pillows, blankets, toys and books into her tent and will spend so long just playing in there. I love seeing her use her imagination and I remember making tents myself as a child so will often watch her, taken back to when I was small.

Dave and I will often help in the tent building, putting an extra blanket on or passing something to LP once she’s in her tent. At times she’ll let Little Man get in the tent with her or she’ll give him demands – pass her a cushion, get a toy for her, move something, and he’ll run around doing as his sister asks.

By far the favourite thing to do when in her tent is to watch TV and LP will usually get bored of playing and ask to watch a movie which she’ll watch from the confines of her tent, with her brother beside her. One of the simple pleasures of childhood.

Making Tents {The Ordinary Moments}

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  1. This is so cute Donna, I love seeing photos of your little people together. And that blooming lovely rug again too. 😉 We love making tents and dens here too- and I loved it as a child as well. It’s just so much fun for everyone! xx

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