LP’s First Time On A Train

I wrote recently about taking Little Man on a train for the first time to go to the Baby Show. A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet one of my really good friends from not only Twitter and the blogging world but our very own special group of lovelies – #TweetStreet! Pam from Life With Munchers was in London for a couple of days and had some free time – An amazing coincidence as she lives in Scotland and the chance of us seeing each other usually would be slim to none!

Dave was working and we had no childcare options so I thought I’d just bite the bullet and take both children up to London with me! I took the double buggy, worked out where the accessible train carriages and wheelchair bays were and it all went incredibly smoothly – So proud of myself!

LP's First Time On A Train

LP wasn’t sure about the train when I told her we were going on one ‘No like the train!’ but as soon as we were on it she wanted to get out of the pushchair, climb on my lap and look out the window. ‘My like the train! My like the train Mummy!’ She soon changed her tune and couldn’t get enough of all the new things to see, touch and talk about.

LP's First Time On A Train

At first LP was transfixed by watching the world rush by outside the window ‘Woweee-Wow!’ she would say over and over and pointing at trees, the moon (no idea if she could still see it or not!) and other trains that went past in the other direction.

LP's First Time On A Train

She soon got bored and climbed on the chair next to me, played with the arm rests and then decided to stand in the other wheelchair space and do some twirling, some ‘Boing-a-bounce’-ing and generally have as much fun as a 2 year old can have on a fast train to London!

LP's First Time On A Train

At the point where we had to get off the train Little Man, who had sit happily in the pushchair, decided that he was tired but he wouldn’t go to sleep, instead he would cry, a lot! On top of that, LP didn’t want to get back in the pushchair but I wasn’t prepared to get off the train with a double buggy and a toddler on the loose! So I wrestled LP into the pushchair whilst her and her Brother were both screaming in unison. LP then kicked her wellies off down the train and I grabbed them and shoved them in the pushchair whilst LP shouted at me ‘Need the boots, need the BOOTS!!’.

All in all the train journey with two children was successful and LP loved it but going anywhere with a two year old has it’s up and downs! Most importantly, we had a lovely day in London with Pam, saw Buckingham Palace, walked down Embankment, Houses of Parliament, Oxford Street… We saw the sights, had lunch and it was really, really lovely to meet someone that I already felt like I knew so well.


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  1. Very very brave! I wouldn’t even think about it with my two, i am a bit stressed out now that this post has made me even think about the logistics 😉 Glad you guys had a super time xx

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