Living Arrows – 7/52

Another week has gone by but this week was a bit more of an exciting one with a day at the zoo on Monday. Just one day out makes the world of difference when your week is usually ruled by two sets of shifts and preschool.

Admittedly, the rest of the week was full of work and preschool but we still managed to have a lot of playing, a lot of picnic lunches, a swimming lesson, trip to Costco and a Birthday party for one of LP’s school friends. All in all a busy week.

Little Man loves our new footstool and wants to be big enough to use it properly. For now though he’s happy to perch leisurely on it – one foot at a time.

Living Arrows - 7/52

LP hasn’t been in a pushchair seat for over a year now but every so often she loves to steal a moment in her brother’s pushchair and she did exactly that at the zoo. She’s still little and her legs get tired, especially on big days out. Appearances can be deceiving though – she isn’t asleep in this pic, just pretending and being incredibly cute!

Living Arrows - 7/52

So, another week and another Living Arrows. How has your week been?

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