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Most kids are excited about cell phones by the time they are toddlers. They will grab their dad’s or mom’s phone whenever they can. As they age, they learn to watch videos, play games and take pictures. But when kids are responsible enough to have their own cell phones?

Whether and when to get kids a phone is a hot topic because it comes with risks and benefits. A 2021 study by Common Sense Media revealed that 42 percent of kids have cell phones by 10. The number increases to 71 percent by 12 and 91 percent by 14.   

This article will discuss six cell phone benefits for kids. 

1. Access to Educational Apps

A cell phone isn’t all about social media and entertainment; there are tons of educational apps for kids. You can be strategic about how your kids use their cell phones by installing apps they can learn from. For instance, you can install apps that improve your kid’s math skills. 

Parents can take advantage of numerous apps to keep their kids engaged. These apps are enjoyable and tailored to offer learning experiences according to age. Moreover, you may realize that your child struggles with a specific skill set, like identifying colors. You can find an app for phone that addresses the challenge.  

2. Keep In Touch

Cell phones provide a convenient communication device between kids and their parents or guardians. For instance, a parent could be running late picking up their kid from school. The parent can call the child and inform them about the situation instead of keeping them worried. Likewise, the kid can call or text their parents if needed. 

Kids also have friends they would love to talk to when they can’t meet in person. Thanks to cell phones, kids can talk to their friends no matter the distance. This will help them cope with loneliness, especially if their friends live far away. 

3. Educational Support

In addition to educational support, a cell phone can offer your kid the educational support they need. There are numerous lessons, tutorials, online message boards, and infographics that kids can access to stay ahead in their education. For instance, your kid may need help with an assignment you have trouble understanding. They may turn to online study groups and tutorials for assistance in such a case.    

Cell phones may also provide access to educational materials, such as pdfs. You kid can also use a Fax app to scan and share their school work. You can check this app and see how easy and convenient it is to share notes, books, and other written materials. Moreover, your kid can receive faxes and save them into their phone in any format.   

4. Develop Tech Skills

In today’s world, technology is growing fast and significantly affecting all aspects of our lives. Giving your kid access to a cell phone may give them an upper hand when learning new tech skills. They will be familiar with technology at a young age, which may assist them as they study and work later in life.

5. Be Safe

Some kids seek more independence at a young age. They will want to play outside, attend after-school activities, and study in the library. Unfortunately, parents and guardians may be unable to follow them everywhere they go. 

Giving your child a smartphone will give you much-needed peace of mind. You will know about their whereabouts without restricting their freedom. Moreover, it builds their confidence and responsibility. 

You can also install a security app that will track your child’s location and alert you in an emergency. 

6. Keep Them Occupied

Smartphones for kids come with numerous games that can keep your child occupied all day. With over 490,000 mobile gaming apps, you can be assured that your child won’t be bored or complain about long journeys. Moreover, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.


While most parents hesitate to give smartphones to their kids, it can be beneficial in numerous ways. However, they should track what their kids do on their phones and ensure they create time for other activities. 


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