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Working from home certainly has its advantages for busy mums, including much more family time, removing the need for you to do frequent lengthy commutes, and overall reducing levels of stress. 

If you work from home, you should try and make sure you create a home office space that is ideally nice and well organised and ultimately helps to boost your productivity levels. Research shows that having a cluttered working space will only clutter up your mind and reduce your ability to concentrate on the task at hand

So, here are some helpful tips and solutions for busy mums on keeping your home office space clutter-free.

Communicate your home office rules to your children

There is no problem at all with your children loving to play at home and it is something that should be encouraged. However, in order to help keep your home office tidy and prevent your kids from filling it with their toys, make sure they know that there are other special parts of the house they can play in, such as their bedrooms, the garden, or designated playroom areas. 

After all, your home office ought to be your place where you are able to focus on working.

Move larger size office equipment away from your desk

Having printers photocopiers, hole punchers, and folders all over your desk will only give it a jumbled messy feel. Want to give yourself the best shot of being able to work away at your desk in a productive manner? Then your home office desk ought to be kept as orderly as possible. 

Get a hutch

A home office workstation hutch with vertical storage spaces can help to keep your desk clutter-free. Remember to make sure these different sections are large enough to store the home office equipment you use on a regular basis. 

Better still, you may want to look into getting a home office cabinet to sit directly in front of your workstation desk. 

Get rid of items you no longer need

No longer require certain items you have already made good use of? Throw such things away in the recycle bin, or if somebody else could make good use of them, hand them over to a local charity shop. This way, you won’t enable things you no longer need to clog up valuable home office space.

Chalkboards on your home office wall

Being organised about dates and deadlines is important when working from home. What better place to organise your calendar than on a chalkboard area of the wall space of your home office? This way, you can stop your desk from being filled with messy bulky work diaries and calendars. 

Hire a self storage unit

Many families in the UK lack the storage space we need. So, despite your best efforts, your home office area may not be sufficiently large to house your home office equipment and supplies. A sensible storage solution is to hire a self storage unit space from a provider you can depend on. 

Do you live in South-East England and are looking to hire a secure self storage unit near you? Look no further than the two Now Storage self storage sites in Basingstoke just a few miles from one another, they are a self storage provider that takes security seriously with their 24-hour CCTV monitoring system and steel-enforced storage containers. 

Keep your drawers well organised

Sadly, it can be all too easy to bundle all your work-related rubbish into drawers in your home office and forget all about them. Draw organisers or trays can be a vital way of keeping your drawers nice and neat. At least then everything will have its own designated place and it won’t take you too long to find what you need. 

Open shelving

Making the most of vertical storage opportunities with open shelving which is easy for you to reach is another wise way busy mums can keep their home office tidy. You can choose whether you want to fix shelving to the wall or get freestanding open shelving units that can be moved around to other rooms of the house if needs must. 

Just make sure you store your home office items carefully on your open shelves and there’s no danger of them falling on your head as you work!

Put up wall-hanging wire organisers

Documents and paperwork can clutter the desk or floor space of your home office in no time. So, try and make sure that important papers related to your job get placed in lovely sturdy wall-hanging wire organisers.

Like to read magazines or newspapers during your breaks when you are working from home? You can also store them in your wall-hanging wire organisers in your home office.


Pegboards can be great for storing Post-it notes, stationery, and even fun indoor plant decorations. So, get one in your home office.

Add some shoots of inspiration 

Working from home won’t always be rivetingly exciting, at times work can be dull. So, need something thought-provoking and inspirational to help spur you on as you work from home? Why not put up some photographs of stunning scenes with gorgeous colours? You could also place some pictures of your kids around your office, glancing at their faces can help bring back fun memories and cheer you up while you are working hard from home.

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