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After years of using the same car, it is normal to want to customise it to look modernised. This may be a better option for many people who may not have the means to buy another car. The cost of making an old car look new again is significantly lower than purchasing a newer brand. And by modernizing your vehicle, you can improve functionality and your general experience. Additionally, when you tackle the aesthetics, your used car would look like new. It will be easier to sell, and you can make a profit with the UK used car market growing by 5.1% in the first quarter of the year. Here are some ideas to give your vehicle a fresh face.

  1. Replace old parts

Like any other machine, a car will break down at some point and would require immediate attention. Replacing old car parts improves functionality and boosts performance. Most importantly, it is an effective way to modernise your old car. For every car owner, the ultimate focus is on how to optimise the performance of a vehicle they use. Frequent car breakdowns make the vehicle age quicker than it should. Once you look at it from this perspective, you will appreciate the impact newer parts have on an old car.

For instance, old squeaky brakes could have a ripple effect on the disc. This is also known as the brake rotor. It is a smooth wheel that brake pads are fitted onto. In many cases, the squeaky sounds you hear coming from the tyres are the brake pads grinding on the surface of the rotor. If the pads are not changed, the repercussions on car performance can defeat your purpose of modernising the ride. It is crucial to replace old car parts to boost your overall satisfaction.

  1. Install upgrades

People install upgrades on their vehicles for several reasons. It might be purely for cosmetic reasons or to improve performance. The most important reason, however, is that upgrades offer a convenient way to modernise the ride whether or not it will be put up for sale. For a car owner, installing upgrades also gives you a sense of renewal. It makes you feel like you bought a new car, making you dedicate some time and attention to it. However, it is advisable to consider compatibility when making any changes. It would be a terrible experience to have an upgrade installed only to realise that it’s unsuitable for your car. And it is recommended to read and understand the product description and every relevant information about the brand and product before installing. 

If it matches the make and car model, then you can go ahead. Additionally, you may want to seek a professional car upgrade specialist to carry out any new wiring and drilling that may be required. For instance, if your car upgrade includes installing a rear-view camera, you will need a specialist for this. In other words, a professional must handle anything purely technical and mechanical. The last thing you want is to damage your vehicle in the bid to modernise it. Other things you may want to upgrade the car with are heated seats, Bluetooth connectivity and a head-up display.

  1. Get a new number plate

One of the quickest ways people can determine your car’s age is through the number plate. So, if you drive around an old car, your number plate will almost certainly give you away. Fortunately, there is a way to go around this if you plan to modernise your old car. If you haven’t yet considered it, applying for cheap private plates online may be beneficial for jazzing up your car. And it is convenient to obtain these since the application process can be carried out online. As long as your car is in good condition and still runs, these affordable private plate customisations are a good idea.

  1. Find a mechanic to assess the car

Without a doubt, this is one of the first things to do when you plan to modernise your car. You must contact a mechanic to determine whether your vehicle is in a good state to undergo all the changes you want. It would be good to see your car as a canvas to be drawn on. If the canvas is faulty, it would be challenging to get the art right. In other words, the car’s body, battery, engine and wire connections must be strong enough to accommodate modern installations.

If you are a fan of UK’s auto restoration TV shows like Ratarossa, Harry’s Garage and Car SOS, it is worth noting that every car that comes through these restoration shows is carefully assessed by certified mechanics to ensure that it is good enough condition. Although you see them strip a car down to its metal framework, an assessment is always carried out. It would be best to be guided by this knowledge before taking the step to modernise an old car.

  1. Detail the interior

This step may not involve much and most likely would not cost you an arm and a leg. Detailing your car’s interior may require replacing floor mats and giving the vehicle a good cleaning. Every car has nooks and crannies, which are hard to reach places that make it difficult to clean regularly. For example, the small spaces around the driver’s seat can be hard to reach, making these areas go unnoticed for a long while. It may look like tedious work, but the transformation is obvious when you have a clean car interior.

You may need to invest in a car vacuum cleaner with varied muzzles to reach every corner of the interior. The AC vent and around the console are other hard to reach areas which collect dust, making it difficult to clean properly. According to car cleaning experts, the more the accumulation of dirt, the harder it is to clean. This is why a simple car wash may not be good enough. Instead, an auto body shop can handle high-grade cleaning, giving your old car a modernised look. 

  1. Work on surface scratches

After using your car for a few years, scratches will be inevitable. According to statistics, 95% of them are noticed at least three months after they have occurred. Automobile scratches and dings are common, regardless of how long the vehicle has been used. They could be caused by dust particles, regular car wash, or sharp objects. You can get rid of them with a polishing compound if they are superficial. However, if they are deeper or your fingernails get caught in them, you will need more than a rub-on polish.

Scratches are classified as minor paint damage. When left unattended, they can become catalysts for rust and weakened panels. In modernising your car, it is recommended to use a sealant on these scratches before requesting a spray job. This helps to protect the car’s metal frame underneath. More importantly, it helps to give your old car a glossy look that new vehicles often have.

It is always a good idea to turn something old into a better version. And since cars can be expensive to keep, it can save you money by making a few adjustments like the ones mentioned here. Note that the type and number of modifications needed to modernize your old car would determine the cost. It will be a good idea to plan, preferably with an expert’s advice, what you want to do and how much you are willing to spend.

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