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Perhaps you’re a little tired of having to keep up with all of the fashion trends, always looking for new additions to the wardrobe and sick of falling out of love with seasonal pieces once their time has passed. Whatever the case, embracing minimalism in your fashion is becoming more widespread than ever. Here, we’re going to look at why it’s happening, as well as how you can embrace it while still feeling confident in your look.

What minimalism means in fashion

Minimalism can mean a few different things when it comes to your fashion. For one, it means paying less attention to trends in general and thinking more about your own preferences, your own needs, and lifestyle in your choices. It also asks you to get rid of the extras, such as an over-reliance on accessories (not that you have to get rid of them entirely), and that you take better care of your wardrobe, ensuring that you have pieces you can return to as trends and seasons cycle.

It’s allowing for a whole new mindful style of shopping

When it comes to fashion, it pays to spend a little more on the clothes that you buy, providing that you know that you’re buying quality. Minimalist fashion takes this concept up a notch, encouraging you to buy and own less, relying primarily on your staples, and really asking yourself whether you’re going to wear the clothes that you choose and if they match your current wardrobe. To a more clutter-conscious generation of fashionistas, getting stuck in a wardrobe chock-full of options and buying more than you’re likely to wear are problems of the past.

The rise of quality minimalist blends

Aside from the motives that have people turning to minimalist fashion in the first place, you also have to look at where, exactly, these clothes are coming from, as well. There has been a rise in high-quality clothing brands focused on minimalism such as about:blank. These brands stock all of the staples that typically make up the wardrobe, as well as more seasonal pieces that can be rotated in and out of your look, but always with a mind for long-lasting appeal and reliability.

Minimalism is becoming more popular across the board

Of course, one of the main reasons that minimalism has become a dominant force in fashion, as of late, is that it’s also becoming a lot more popular in general life. Blogs like Be More With Less are just an example of the ways that people are looking to live their lives with less clutter, less waste, and less money and time spent on things that aren’t going to last or have no real resounding value for the owner. A minimalist turn to your fashion could easily just be another in a long line of choices that streamlines your life, making it more convenient and mindful.

Minimalism doesn’t mean not caring about what you wear. In fact, becoming more conscious about the impacts of simpler pieces and how they affect your look can make for quite the style upgrade.


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