Holding Hands in the Car {The Ordinary Moments}

Little Man and LP have sat in their car seats next to each other since the day Little Man came home from the hospital. The sight of them both there, in the rear view mirror is so familiar and they both looking over to see each other sitting there and whenever we go out with just one child in the back they always ask where the other one is – LP will often ask to sit in her brother’s seat an will comment on him not being there.

As they have grown bigger they have been able to talk to each other, point things out to each other and interact so much more during car journeys and they really do love being in the car together, so much so that they recently started holding hands in the car.

Looking back and seeing them holding hands, stretched out across the middle seat, is something that makes my heart swell. My two babies, growing together, playing together and loving each other – so much so that they’ll stretch across the car just to hold hands and stay tat way for a while.

Holding hands is such a simple gesture, something people do without thinking when they care about someone, want to show they’re there or give a bit of reassurance and support. Seeing LP and Little Man hold hands shows all that and more – they care about each other and will always be there for one another. Long may they continue to hold hands – in the car and anywhere else.

Holding Hands in the Car {The Ordinary Moments}


  • Donna Wishart

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  1. This is so sweet. How fun that they love sharing adventures together. I love seeing my littles together in the back. Hope they are always such good friends.

  2. Aww it’s no surprise that this makes you feel the way it does. They are so lovely and adorable together, you must be one ultra proud Mama! xx

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